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Anna Patricia Sep 2019
And sometimes you lie down alone and wonder whether you actually meant as much to her as you thought you did.

You wonder whether she thinks of you when she can't sleep at night and miss you like the way you miss her.

You question the decisions you made; could you have done things differently to make them stay?

You get angry – furious even, that they could be so selfish and inconsiderate to accept your love when they likely had no intention of sticking around to reciprocate it.

You’re a mess. You’re a vortex of emotions that words can’t even describe and the worst part is, even though you want to tell them how they made you feel, you can’t.

And that makes you feel pathetic.

Trust me, I know how it feels.
Anna Patricia Sep 2019
"one more shot of whiskey please," i said
for a moment there, time stopped.
i realized that no amount of alcohol,
can ever cleanse me from her.
Anna Patricia Sep 2019
just like how an artist
blends two opposing colors,
to create a breathtaking shade,
i carefully choose my words,
no matter how complex
or contradicting,
just to make you feel
important and loved.
please come back.
come back to me.
come home to me.
i feel empty.
Anna Patricia Sep 2019
There are pauses in between musical notes and stops between an artist's strokes and periods in between a writer's sentences. We have come to an end. We have come to a stop. But sometimes the only way to continue is to halt. The only way to begin is to end.

- apbq, pauses and stops
Anna Patricia Sep 2019
i whispered sweet words
right to your ears.
i let you get used to a routine
that was beautiful to me.

but you like girls
who prefer actions over words.
perhaps you like girls
who prefer spontaneity.

and if someone asks me one day,
what will i leave unspoken
and what will i freely utter?

how much further?
how much deeper?
how much farther?

i have nothing left to give.
you have nothing left to give.
we have nothing left.
Anna Patricia Sep 2019
i have nothing left to say.
i will keep everything in,
– bottled up, like i always do.

i have nothing left to say.
all our cherished, beautiful dreams,
i'll let them float away upon the sea of oblivion.

towards the far horizon,
i'll quietly surrender.
out of sight, out mind, out of touch.

fading quickly while the moon rises,
i have nothing left to say.
everything comes to an end.

i want to open up and release
everything that has been tearing me apart.
but i don't want to be that person
who killed the littlest rays of sunshine left in you.
i don't ever want to take that away from you.
not now, not ever.

i have nothing left to say now.
Anna Patricia Sep 2019
treat melancholy and sadness,
like how you expect the storm to come.
it will destroy you.
it will devastate you.
but just you wait,
one day, someday,
it will cleanse you.
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