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Jeckthunder Dec 2020
The saddest ******* thing is when you're crying in the middle of the night and you're thinking that it would be nice if someone actually messaged you to check on you. Then, your phone actually vibrates right behind you as you're curled up in bed. As you reach for it, deep inside you already know that it's just some random notification like an email newsletter, but you check it anyway just for that tiny chance that someone thought of you and wanted to know how you're doing at 3a.m.
It's just another Hello Poetry notification.

Daily dose if disappointment never disappoints.

The Universe is a ******* ****.
Jeckthunder Nov 2020
The word unhappy sounds more depressing than the word sad.
Jeckthunder Nov 2020
and yet you still keep away.
Jeckthunder Nov 2020
We know more about the Universe than we know Love.
Modern humans have had around 200,000 years to figure out what Love is, and yet it is still one of the greatest mysteries in human existence.
Jeckthunder Apr 2020
If you asked me in 8th Grade,
I knew exactly what Love looked like
Love had long black hair
Had singkit eyes
And had the sweetest voice
Love loved cats
And I loved dogs
But Love was understanding
Love was patient
Love was kind
Love was easy
I knew Love for almost four years
And then, Love changed
Love had shorter hair
Had braces
And had the sunniest smile
Love and I both loved dogs
Love was adventurous
Love was brave
Love was a fight
Love was difficult
And Love didn't last as long
Now, I'm in my freshman year of uni
And I don't know what Love looks like anymore
Maybe both of them are Love
Or maybe I'm just too scared
To find Love again
Because I don't love myself
As much as I loved Love
I learned that you'll never be able to give someone else the love that they deserve if you don't love yourself in the first place.
Jeckthunder Feb 2020
Why do you feel like my past and future?

Oh, how I wish you were my present.
She made me feel again.
Jeckthunder Jan 2020
I miss the time when someone whole-heartedley loved me. The time when love was simpler. The time I didn't love myself.

But now that I do, I ask myself why no one loves me like before.
The most important love is loving yourself. Even if you do love yourself, you'll still feel lonely sometimes, but that's part of loving yourself too - realizing that you're strong on your own.
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