astiani hayn Oct 10
there's a monster in me.
it keeps whispering things. so loud. that my mind could burst anytime soon.
inhabit, control, taking over; messing me up inside.
oh mama, i must obey it,
the one i shouldn't commit.
oh mama, how could i live?
in a body i cannot forgive.
please mama, bring some water; pour me the rain, a very heavy rain.
embrace me, hug me, drown me—wiped it all the monster away,
i don't think i could find any other way.
it's a world mental health today, so here a piece of mine that talks about schizophrenia. I haven't meet one, but seeing all who's suffering ****** through online videos just really break my heart. Mental health issue is real and it's matters. And please everyone if you happened to read this, kindly donate what you can afford and above all, what your heart says. No matter how much it cost, it will matters, and they deserve all of our prays. Thank you
astiani hayn Oct 5
it's alluring, addicting, and ruefully suffering,
in agony we find comfort; a dishonest one,
we're fooled; yet we take the pleasure in,
a life of skin deep—superficial at its finest,
indeed we are our own shapeshifter; conceal the outrage in a painful way,
swallow the happy little pill for a bitter escape.
astiani hayn Sep 24
I'm nothing but a silenced laugh,
I breath fire smells a fantasy bougainville,
I speak cursed sounds a soothing lullaby,
Honey, I'm your foe, and you know me as amigo,
I'm bleeding of lies, betrayal–a vicious sinner,
And this skin-deep will last until you realize,
I'm a ****** retaliation dressed in devotion.
astiani hayn Sep 14
She's a mess,
A perfectly sculpted mess,
She's at war with her own self; for a man who was her first,
And those memories were still left untouched,
Cause she's scared it will tore up into pieces—like what he did to her heart,
And she knows that it's not healthy,
So she did what everyone told her;
Moved on, buried him, threw him, kicked him out of her life.
But no honey, there are still pieces of him left,
Cause it's too hard to let go,
Not because she still loves him,
It's the memories that hold her up—and keep telling her, "we were together".
poem for you... but not really
astiani hayn Sep 9
they said love means you fill each other's up.
l o v e; is yours meet mine and intertwined just fine.
l o v e; is a half-full coffee combined with a condensed milk and we called it us.
yet if i only knew, i'm barely bring the house down,
that you are an olive oil to my fiji water, period.
I like americano better
astiani hayn Aug 19
the ignorance of his soul boiled inside those skeletons,
radiate the gleam through his eyes,
for him it's just a meaningless phrase,
for the rest it's a displeasure frame.
he didn't realize until then;
that it is his own self that light up the fire,
and burned everything up; for him to stand alone above his cluelessness.
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