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  Jun 2017 Harper Nightingale
I was not born a


I was broken into


His voice
the room.
All eyes
were on
I am that
when you're gone,
i'll paint my fingernails
and when you come
back and ask why
i'll say my hands
were missing
living with depression
is like living as a landlocked
pebble waiting for a sea
that might never come
  May 2015 Harper Nightingale
I don't see any stars
I.* do. see. it.
*in you.
  May 2015 Harper Nightingale
I wanted answers but all you did was kiss me.

I know that doesn't seem complex,
yet when the twin towers were hit the
conspiracies rose as the people fell.

Who was really in charge of all of this?

I believe that question belonged to both my
situation and the nation.

I thought to myself that you'll talk
and tell me about what was going on in
your mind and if you felt the same way.

But that was like hoping for a blind man to explain
the fear in the people's eyes as they
ran away from the city's blocks of smoke.

For a blind man wouldn't comment on what he couldn't see,
just how you couldn't see how much I cared about you
therefore you didn't comment
let alone compliment.

While they searched for bodies,
I searched for body language.

The aftermath of the towers falling resulted
with no air traffic for a week above the U.S.,
people reported that
the skies had never looked so blue.
I was told the same after the word
"us" had fallen.

I wanted answers but all you did was leave me
with conspiracies questioning if this end was planned.

— The End —