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Sophie Aug 2018
This riverlike feeling never gets old.

Sometimes it feels like you're drowning in a middle of the road,
Sometimes it feels like it washes your dirt away,
Sometimes, swimming against the current is the only way.
Words, are like water. They flow. But never backward. Be good anyway.
Sophie Jul 2018
It is that wind on your cheeks,
that bird chirping in your ears,
that small wave on your feet.

It was never those gentle lies.
Sophie Jul 2018
Let alone love be the core of it.
Even it is mean breaking and aching.
Let alone love be the core of this.
Sophie Nov 2016
I'm scared that—
I see people without souls;
I see human without humanity;
I see creatures without empathy;

We're just simply an entity—
Sophie Oct 2016
out of love
you fix the environment.
out of greedy
you pluck the beauty away.

your call.
Sophie Oct 2016
Once upon a time
there was a cactus
it can be seen–
can't be touched.

Thus, value yourself.
Sophie Aug 2016
it's not like adjacency pairs
good morning comes with hi
good bye with seeya

it's good day, fck you and thank you.
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