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Welcome to my poem.
I would like to introduce you to
a few words of mine.
The words come from my mind.
       I can't remember where my mind found them
Like a friend, they comfort me,
grow me, make sense of me.

My mind is open. Step on in now.
Come in, have a seat,
   the words will be home shortly.
Be sure and take your shoes off
and close the door,
        we wouldn’t want to let any dirt in.

You and I talk for a while. We share a few
   words of our own.

There is a quick, heavy knock at the door,
the first word barges in.
Slightly rough, tired and stressed, comes up,
shakes the hand.
“Hello, I am Fear”
So Fear comes in and sits.
We talk for a while. Share a few more
words of our own.
Then another knock at the door. A hesitant tap, like
someone was left behind.
Fear says “oh, thats my Of”
Fear yells at the door to “come in
and close the door and take your shoes off,
keep the dirt out.”

So we all sit and pass around
some words now.
It’s taking a while though.
It’s almost nightfall, and there
is one more word.

The sun is going down. Moon in the clouds.
A Word loud, roaring closer and closer.
A growing Light ending in my eyes.
A Light entering through the windows of my mind.
"Come in Come in!"
Such glorious Light. My door is open.
The knock is loud. From every direction.

Of is curled up in the couch.
"Fear" just ****** on the white carpet.
This knock will never end.

The door opens.

"Of" pulls it together, brings "Fear" to its feet.
Both "Fear" and "Of" stand to welcome this Word at the door, and together,
like a friend,
they comfort me,
they grow me,
make sense of me.
The last Word comes and sits with me.
All sharing words with the
"Fear Of God."
this is a repost of the first poem I put on HelloPoetry with a new title.

Inspired by Proverbs 1
What happened to you
Is part of your story.
And I love you even though
It came with no glory.
Because what matters to me,
Isn't your strength.
It isn't your ability
To stop, breath and think.
I thought it was obvious, but I guess I'll explain.
It's your heart, don't you see?
Though it's been through all this pain
It's remained earnest and pure.
Even though you can't see.  
Please trust me when I say,
That where you are is where I'll be.
Always and forever
All ears willing to hear,
   let listen.
We must not only be
   hearers of The Word,
but doers of The Word.
This is a call to action.
let this not be a simple
   reaction of emotion.
It is time to set our lives in motion.
It is the day to live a new way.
A renewing of our minds.
Together we must say,
   "It is time to live a new way!"
Speak loudly, persuade boldly
store up The Word in your hearts.
Salvation is your reason.
In Jesus Christ is our redemption.
Love like it's repetition.
God as my witness, this is my mission.
after all is said and done
after years of too much fun
i'll look back on all of this and i will see

that I spent way too much time
working this assembly line
in the wonder of where and why it's gotten me

no where nearer to life's bliss
when all i have to show is this
the misery of my own lonely company

with the only relationship i have
being the time clock i'm meeting with
and it's only a matter of time till it's done with me

so i'll just keep slapping on the parts
like a one eared artist who's lost his heart
and wonder when i look back if this is the only bliss i'll ever see
Is anybody out there?
You said you would be there
You said you would catch me
If I fell
Well I'm starting to think you lied
Because now I'm calling for help
And no one is answering my cries

Is anybody out there?
I want to see what makes you laugh
I want to see what makes you cry
I want to see deep inside your heart
And know the reason why

I want to see the time it takes
To get close to where you are
I want to see where love comes from
As we're held in each other's arms

I want to see our beginning
But I never want to see our end
I want to see it now
And I want to see it then

I want to see the sunshine
Reflect off your morning smile
I want to see it once
And then again a million times

I want to see all your desires
Mixed in with all your needs
I want to watch you sleep at night
So I can see inside your dreams

I want to see the playback
When all of this comes true
Then I want to see it rewound
And watch it all again with you
 Jul 2015 Hannah Bauer
Jax levii
every time time you
Tell your daughter
You yell at her
Out of love
You teach her to confuse
Anger with kindness
Which seems like a good idea
Till she grows up to
Trust men who hurt her
Cause they look so much
Like you
This is my mouse
    Lives at my house
Sleeps in a cage
Lives on a shelf

Such a sweet mousey she is
    So forgiving
    Forever humble
I have a bashful mouse
    In side

Ignore the mouse and
    It will chew a hole to break free
Forgive the mouse, the hole will
    Still be there
Mousey just wants to run free
    It is a cute pet mouse
Domesticated from nature
    The instincts never die
For they live inside
Stand aside
There is a mouse
Coming through

I'd say you got a cute mousey too ;)
16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. 17For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. 18Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.

John 3:16-18
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