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 Oct 2016 Jojo
 Oct 2016 Jojo
I'm aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be, but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.
 Sep 2016 Jojo
Dornish Bastard
In this endless loop
where I'm denied my escape.
Can't leave so I stay.
The problem is that
the ones I love want me here
much more than I do.

*******, here we go again.
 Aug 2016 Jojo
m i a
 Aug 2016 Jojo
m i a
i know you may feel a little blue sometimes,
but just remember that the sun will rise and so will you.
things are going to get better. you're going to get better. eventually. <3
 Aug 2016 Jojo
light it up
 Aug 2016 Jojo
In this fast-paced world
where I was burning out,
you dimmed all the lights
just so I could see
I could still shine bright.
 Aug 2016 Jojo
Amber Rush
Two sense.
 Aug 2016 Jojo
Amber Rush
I don't tell you how I feel
Because you show me how you feel everytime I give my two sense.
I can't be blunt because then I'm not being Amber
Being Amber is letting others walk over my path
Not standing up rather just sitting down
Being Amber is being able to swallow someone else's criticism but not being able to spit out my own without starting  a war.
I have thoughts and feelings too
I hide behind them
Because if I were to speak
I'd become the bully.
Because it's not the Amber thing to do.
 Aug 2016 Jojo
Dana Skorvankova
Our doubts are already forming a library
with thousands of books rising high above the wall
 Jul 2016 Jojo
 Jul 2016 Jojo
July 3rd, 2016
10:42 pm

I can hear
going off somewhere
in my town

And I wish
as each firework
and as they
give out  bursts
of sound
that they are instead a gun
putting holes
through my chest
to relieve me
of the pain of living
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