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m May 23
god you self-righteous, idealistic ****
I don’t like your old poetry
it all feels too cheesey— and it’s overly emotional
write something fresh, publish something better
get the anger out (you can’t bottle it up)
if you’re going to explode then do it through a pen
or at least, leave yourself out of it
there’s so much wrong in this world
write about that
I know you have at least 10 poems
angry, political ones
just sitting in your notes app
waiting to be jolted to life
pull the lever, Dr. Frankenstein
This Monster Kills Fascists.
Idk, just something random. I think I’m back. I’ll post those angry poems eventually. I’m very upset with the current state of the world, especially in America. I cry almost every day. But it’s okay. I’ll live. (To be clear, I am a liberal and I understand the need to “vote blue no matter who”. I voted for Biden. However, I am heavily critical of the Biden administration. I am also extremely frustrated with the Supreme Court, which when you think about it, is 45’s fault.)
m Jan 2019
I was feeling
Really ****** tonight
But listening to Astoria
Has kinda made it better
It tells the story of getting over a break up
And sometimes
We need to revisit old relationships
And work through them again
I think that's part of being human
Astoria is by marianas trench. It's a beautiful album.
m Jan 2019
I feel a burning in my chest
as I inhale the carbon monoxide
Romanticizing smoking
is ******* overdone
But I'm guilty of it
So I'm quitting
I have 4 cigarettes
to get me through tomorrow
and then I'm done
Or, at least I hope I'm done
I'm gonna quit smoking and switch to vaping, but I feel that vaping has no place in poetry lol
m Jan 2019
I knew this sonnet would be about you
Even cig'rettes cannot distract me
No one has caught my eye the way you do
And your smile is never ending
You're sweet and charming and kind and wise
Your skin was burnt from the hell you've been through
I promise I will not tell you lies
Because your spell forbids the untrue
When I look at you my heart stops
And I know how cliche that is
Those times in the snow I have not forgot
I smile when I think about our kiss
But is this truly all for you?
Or am I just feeling blue
I wrote this for my Shakespeare class. This helped me get started again.
m Jan 2019
how do you write a poem
when your feelings are too complex for words

how do you write a poem
when you're scared they might send you away for it

how do you write a poem
when you're so out of practice you haven't written in months

you open up your notebook
or laptop
or whatever method of writing you prefer
and you write down everything
Expect a lot from me tonight. I'm trying to write again but im really ******* depressed (maybe mixed manic?) I love you guys. Thanks for sticking around.
  Nov 2018 m
Ariana Sweeney
I stared into your eyes
And searched
For something more.
Those eyes
That change color
(Whether with the season,
Sun exposure
Or current mood,
We’ll never find out)
I looked for something
To give me meaning
To give me a sense
Of hope.
I searched and softly whispered,
“This reflection you’re seeing
Is worthless
Unless you do something about it.”
m Nov 2018
You know they can tell
When you walk by
With your stim toys and your fingers tapping

You know they can tell
When you chew on your shirt and flap your arms
And when you stand too close and stare too long

You know she can tell
But she giggles and explains things to you
And she doesn't care about it
She loves you anyway
The sequel to one of my best poems. New relationship, new version. I have been diagnosed with Autism, so I thought I would try to write about it. Also sweetheart if you're reading this I love you.
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