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Amber Rush Dec 2017
I’ve been needing rescued since you left me drowning in your lies
You mtade me feel whole and left me felt shattered
I was loved and I was cheated
I felt like everything and now I feel nothing
  Nov 2016 Amber Rush
Do you ever hear a song and less than a minute in, you already know it’s going to be your favorite?
You were that to me.
And much like a song, from you I could not flee.
You were chords and melodies I had never thought of putting together: and you were beautiful all the same.
If only you knew the way your heartbeat has become my favorite sound.
And much like the song, I could listen to you over and over again and each time fall more and more in love.
Because in a world of chaotic noise, you were my lullaby.
I would forever hear you in bits and pieces of other songs,
I would hum your tune absentmindedly as I go down a street I once walked with you,
And if I ever forget, I am sure my mind will wander to the songs we once made and remember,
Remember the beats and sounds that brought me to you,
and even if the melody has faded or become outdated,
I will always want to press repeat.
  Nov 2016 Amber Rush
I love your eyes
and the way you look
into mine

I love your voice
and the words you use
to make me smile

I love your skin
specially when it's
against mine

I love your lips
and your kisses
every time

I love when you say
that you love me
more than I

I love the feeling
of your fingertips
through my spine

I love that with you
I can be myself
even though I'm shy

With you everything feels
like if I had met you
in another life

I love that you're tough
some might say the strongest
yet I've seen you cry

I love it when you say
that I'm yours
and that I can call you mine

I love that your name
is always
invading my mind

I love when you
call me beautiful
even though I think you lie

I love your hands
and our fingers

I love that
when I'm with you
everything seems to be fine

I love you
and I will
for the rest of time
  Nov 2016 Amber Rush
cheryl love
Each time
you walk through the door
my heart pumps louder
because excitement
rushes through me like
a storm in a stream.
Each time
I wake up next to you
my body is alive
because happiness takes over
like an amazing dream.
Loving you is exciting,
amazing, thrilling
and it will never end.
Amber Rush Oct 2016
These nightmares don't do me any justice
Is this all an illusion
Am I loosing my mind
Miley Cyrus once told me it's all about the climb.
There's always going to be an obstacle in your way
But you need to realize you can try harder everyday
The past is trying to make its present
Stop now
Let that door close
Or you might loose
The future
Amber Rush Oct 2016
You make me feel like the stars turning into constellations.
Amber Rush Aug 2016
I don't tell you how I feel
Because you show me how you feel everytime I give my two sense.
I can't be blunt because then I'm not being Amber
Being Amber is letting others walk over my path
Not standing up rather just sitting down
Being Amber is being able to swallow someone else's criticism but not being able to spit out my own without starting  a war.
I have thoughts and feelings too
I hide behind them
Because if I were to speak
I'd become the bully.
Because it's not the Amber thing to do.
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