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w Oct 2022
we only want to be there for people who we want to be there for us
w Apr 2021
know that its not really a bad thing to realize these things, rather than not realizing them ever.
w Apr 2021
sadness and trauma doesn’t really give a **** if it’s been hours, days, months or years. it stays showing up and asking to learn new ways of dancing with the whole weight of the thing
w Apr 2021
courage is not always the absence of fear, but also the ability to confront things that can only be imagined
w Apr 2021
you'll be fine. that's who you are, and that's something of you that can never change or can be taken away. you'll always be fine in the end.
note to self
w Apr 2021
just one of those mornings where i can't get out off my bed and my mind wanders to the worst case scenarios and the feeling of not being  good enough sinks in.
not a poem
w Jan 2021
it's hard to just turn off the sadness
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