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Dana Skorvankova Mar 2018
A failed life
and a cheek-pinch
are quite alike,
they both hurt.
Dana Skorvankova Mar 2018
There is nothing,
no, there's nothing quite alike the rain at night,
maybe a gaze into the stranger's window,
mouthing 'Hello'
along with a nod in sight,
and the stars up there nodding in agreement,
yet nothing like this rain tonight.
Fresh air inspires
Dana Skorvankova Jan 2018
dark wooden walls
deep in the woods
naked flower
there in the only corner brightened by the
memory of a morning sun -
coffee on the sidetable
by the opened door
the forest air flowing in

Paint with words.
Keep an eye out as the spring will be coming in.
Dana Skorvankova Nov 2017
I often already remember things in the future
with the nostalgia I know I'm bound to feel.
Dana Skorvankova Nov 2017

was there really ever a clue
how to stand
against them
or get through?
Dana Skorvankova Nov 2017
I enjoy the breeze I'm given and the soul I was given to enjoy it with
Dana Skorvankova Nov 2017
Each night is good for reliving
the inside wrath over again
just as each day is good for
dying without pain

I'd look for it at all the same old places
but again, I've got stars in my sight.
FIRST words always come so fast and easy, but they're the last ones that make all the difference.
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