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Jojo Jan 2017
I fell in this hole again
I don't know who i am anymore
I feel the pain the sadness
I hope this doesn't get worst
My mind and feeling are ******
My friends aren't my friends
They lied , i trusted them
But they used med
I've been broken both dating way and
I've lost myself once again
I'm trying to find my way back
But it's hard
I'm stressing, over thinking
My depression  coming back , anxiety
I was truly happy for once but then
Out of nowhere it hit me
I felt alone,thoughts like  no one cared
I found this while I was going through my notes , so I decided to post it .-.
Jojo Nov 2016
Love isn't true you knew
But yet you wanted to believe it was
Jojo Nov 2016
You lied to me
I ask why
But you just said bye
Jojo Oct 2016
My heart was fragile
I thought what we had was magical
Still working on it cx
Jojo Oct 2016
I just wanted something real.
But it was unreal.
I gave you everything
I got nothing back
Yet I loved you
Jojo Oct 2016
I can't live without you
I feel so blue
but i just want you to be true
I just love you so much
this poem is for someone in particular
  Sep 2016 Jojo
darling iridescence
with love
i can only wonder
how so much has changed, and can change,
in such a small amount of time
i have alot of thoughts but i'll make it simple.
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