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fatima May 2018
in dawn, we are exhausted
trying to go to our uncertainty
the longing in our dark eyes
the thirst in our dried lips

mending the inconsistencies
being stuck in a waiting line
comforting the tired body
with a reply of rejection

at night, the moon is shining
going home with city lights
guiding the darkness with sadness
feeling the emptiness of silence

crippling upon a blanket
closing our tired eyes
leaving our breathe in the air
'soon, it'll be gone' as they say
thank you.
fatima Apr 2018
magkaibang panig ng iisang daan
nagsalubong sa iisang punto
ang punto ng alanganin nating dalawa
lilisan pa ba o mananatili na lamang

sa bawat saglit ng sandali
pinili ang dalawang bagay
para sa iisang katauhan
tila ba ang sakit at saya ay iniinda

walang katapusang posibilidad
'oo' at 'hindi' ang dapat na makatapat
ngunit bakit napupunta sa iba't ibang panig
hindi na alam ang nararapat piliin

sa huli, tayo ang may pananagutan
sakit, tuwa, poot at galit
aanhin at dadamhin ng ating kaluluwa
pagod na pagod sa pag-ikot ng mundo
fatima Apr 2018
the whisper of cold air
goosebumps are flare
the uncanny balance
it's not a hindrance

everything intensifies
and suddenly it ties
turning into one phase
everything becomes haze.
04:40 emotions
fatima Mar 2018
cold hands and long limbs
pink and blue dresses
his and her times
longing feets everything

'why are your hands so cold?'
maybe my hand means us
our times that have been frozen
trying to resurrect from death

the moment didn't last
as we are going to reality
ending the tempo
and parting ways.
thank you. i loved you. goodbye (for the nth time)
fatima Jan 2018
a dark way
and unknown destination
where should i go?
am i doing it right?

scared of being wrong
and hearing hallucinations
am i losing myself
or am i going to fail?
fatima Jan 2018
the lights are dim
the happiness is the sorrow
the stars are the sun
and the absence is longing

for i don't know what's inside
there's a ******* in emptiness
and the emptiness is absence
lights are just illusion

the feelings are tangled
like a myth of red string
and i don't know where should i go
finding you in the compact of photons
last month and i'm free
fatima Jan 2018
like a blooming flower in the spring
and i am in the urge of winter
the coldness uproars fiercely
the tigre must've been so strong

the unknown feeling
should i let it go
or does it need to stay
future is always untold
to my longing days, go away.
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