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Escape Dec 2016
She finds peace when she's all by herself at the end of the day
She's got scars but the pain is the pain of yesterday,
The sound of the waves calm the noisy thoughts in her head
She likes to contemplate the colorful sky before going to bed,
She's amazed by the beauty of landscapes
She used to focus on the things that made her feel down
but now she has found a new way to escape,

She wakes up every morning and turns her face towards the sun
She goes from place to place to explore and have her fun,
her world doesn't look dark any more
she feels alive when she's looking around her
when she's taking a deep breath outdoor,
she sees something beautiful on the horizon
she finds something that makes her smile at every season
don't you know, she's an admirer
don't you know, she's a nature lover

We're looking on the same direction day and night
I wish I could see her face
when I turn towards the sun and the moonlight,
Am I going to find her where there're plenty of flowers ?
Is it going to lead me somewhere near her if I follow the birds ?,
I bet she goes to secret places
Paradise must be where she is,
She chases the things that make her dream
I know she's always thirsty for adventures
She's down to go where she has never been;
don't you know, she's an explorer
don't you know, she's a nature lover

**I would take the stars out of the sky for her.
Escape Jul 2016
I know you can do better than doing me harm
we should start over and give love a try
I'd take the risk if it meant I could have you in my arms,
baby I need you to fill this space in my bed
I want you to get these thoughts out of my head,
I could give you the best you've ever had
as long as you promise to not leave
you could be freaky and I could be bad
we could do it just the way you want it
all you have to do is giving me all your time
'cause it's gonna take more than a nighttime

Baby you're such a distraction
when we're close, can you feel the tension ?,
when I look into your eyes
all I see is love and desire
body to body, can you visualize ?
that would be hot like fire,
darling, put all your anger on me if you want to fight
but if you want more sensation, I'll just turn off the light,
I wanna give you chills down your spine
I wanna give it all while we're intertwined,

I bet I would feel your hands shaking
and you'd change the pace of my breathing
I'd do everything to make us feel at ease
I'd kiss you softly and do a little tease,
You're perfect from head to toe baby
don't be ashamed to be naked
I wanna touch more than just your body,
we could do it from the bed then down to the floor
do it on the couch then down under the table
we could do it on my backseat and just go slow
do it at your favorite spot and make it special,
I wanna do it in every place I go with you
so that you will remind me
when you decide we're through,
Escape May 2016
If only you knew how much I've been missing you
I better not say how much i've been craving you,
I really hope you'll come back soon
I'll be looking for a sign at a full moon,
But let's be honest, deep down I can't wait no more
give me the adress and i'll show up at your door,
I wanna hit the road in the middle of the night
Feel your love, make love when the world's quiet,
you wanna have fun, let's make it our private party
I wanna hold you tight, bite and kiss your lips so soft
Could I undress you and write poetry on your body
chained to your love, now I bet you'd want me handcuffed
I've never had enough, so there'll be after parties, loving you crazy

Would it be a crime, I just wanna feel you
It's been a long time, i've been needing you
driving to your town, I just wanna feel you
thinking about loving you down, let me do it to you
you're always on my mind, now i just wanna feel you
come back now, I wanna feel you

I wouldn't care to spend sleepless night if I spent it with you
There's no clock, no hours, the world stops when I'm with you,
Come back to me, I've had enough of this pain entertaining me
I don't care if it makes it better or worse, I need you here with me,
been away from me for enough time, now I can't take it no more
give me a sign, a green light, and I will come at nightfall,
I wanna grab your body, leave kisses on your skin
take away this pain that caused me to become so cold
I need your arms gently wrapped around, need your good lovin'
I'm not ashamed to say I want you
and I want more than only small bits,
my kind of paradise has always been you
******* alive, make this heart of mine beats,
I've never had enough, so give me that lethal dose
Escape Sep 2015
You don't wanna hurt me but you say ''Won't you stop,
you talking about love but you only got words''

and you ask me ''What's making you not lose hope
when there is so much distance between our worlds
It's sad to hear but I was just passing
nothing serious, like someone leaving in the morning
don't hold on me cuz i'm nothing good for you
I'll make you feel what you don't wanna go through
cuz I'm just as lost as you honey''

See, I hate when you are so indecisive
and I hate how your love has been addictive
how can it feel so good when it ruins me emotionally
maybe i'm attracted to what's gonna destroy me
and I know you like to start this wicked game
but i don't care now, you've made a mess of me
let's turntables and play this wicked game again
I'll make you beg when you get closer to me

you've had me from the start
I still can't control what you've been doing to my heart
and I often go through this phase
I fall down and just get lost in a haze
and i can't bear that I love you
I can't bear that you're all i want and need
I wish it was different with you
but anyway I know that I'll never win
you're so unreachable
Escape Apr 2015
Baby, Love never felt so cold
i walk with a heavy heart
and no hand to hold,
I hate the fact that you ain't here
i hate to feel like i'm out of your life
it's something so hard to bear,
I used to be the one who fell too easily
now it feels like i'm the one who gets tired of it quickly,
I may have issues, i'm not able to love someone other than you
Cause my heart doesn't beat the way it beats for you

I miss those days when the only thing i was looking forward to was your face
When you would tell me how i made your heart race
I miss the days when i could feel your lips on mine
When being yours made me feel beyond fine
I miss the days when i got lost into your eyes like sky
When it felt like your love was taking me up high
I miss the days when there wasn't this distance
When i didn't have to deal with your absence
Bring bak those days..

Sometimes you hurt the one who loves you the most
and sometimes you love the one who leaves you lost,
I'm a fool to hold you up above them all
when i'm the last thing you need
and you're the only thing i want,
I'm half a heart without you
It feels like i lose fragments of myself without you
I want back what once was mine
I go back in my mind to that time

*And I miss the days when i kissed you and you would ask for more
When it all felt so sweet until it turned so sore
Escape Feb 2015
You probably think I'm a mystery
I make it hard to see through me
What do you want me to say, to give
Never been the type to wear my heart on my sleeve,
You wonder what's in my mind
You said I seem so thoughtful
I'll no longer put my heart on the line
I just wanna avoid what feels painful
There's something to learn but a part of yourself to lose
And there's this feeling I got that I wasn't used to

What do you try to find
You think you figured me out
But you're the one who's blind
Even though I'm true, you still doubt
I know more things about you than you do about me
I had the time to watch you when you were ignoring me,
I remain quiet but my eyes notice what you don't always see
And I've got a secret garden inside of me
Where Everything's safe and hidden
My soul Is a secret garden

Sorry If I seem to be inaccessible
I may leave you lost
But now you gotta be more than special
If you want trust
I don't wanna listen to what leaves my heart frozen
Empty words are better left unspoken,
You wonder what's in my mind
You said I seem to be miles away
I tend to keep everything inside
I keep it all locked away
Never been good at opening up
I protect myself from what could mess me up
Escape Oct 2014
I've been thinking about you
It's what I do everyday
Yeah I've been thinking about you
But this time in a different way
I know it's been quite a long time
And Since I haven't had any signs
From you
Get out , get out of my head
And fall into my arms instead
Won't you ?

See, you got me wanting you
No I don't wanna f#%k you
I wanna make love to you
I wanna know how my body feels on yours
I wanna feel your lips on my skin
And do it till We overdose
Let me make you get that feeling
Let me be the one who make your heart racing
Let's make love

Come over here
we have some time to catch up
Don't disappear
I hate it when you make me feel like I messed up
I just wanna hold you tight
Be closer to your heart
And put aside the fights
There're so many things we should be doing
Honey I need you, I need your good loving

Be mine tonight
Be mine now and forever
Let's turn off the light
And make love to each other

— The End —