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Dec 2016
She finds peace when she's all by herself at the end of the day
She's got scars but the pain is the pain of yesterday,
The sound of the waves calm the noisy thoughts in her head
She likes to contemplate the colorful sky before going to bed,
She's amazed by the beauty of landscapes
She used to focus on the things that made her feel down
but now she has found a new way to escape,

She wakes up every morning and turns her face towards the sun
She goes from place to place to explore and have her fun,
her world doesn't look dark any more
she feels alive when she's looking around her
when she's taking a deep breath outdoor,
she sees something beautiful on the horizon
she finds something that makes her smile at every season
don't you know, she's an admirer
don't you know, she's a nature lover

We're looking on the same direction day and night
I wish I could see her face
when I turn towards the sun and the moonlight,
Am I going to find her where there're plenty of flowers ?
Is it going to lead me somewhere near her if I follow the birds ?,
I bet she goes to secret places
Paradise must be where she is,
She chases the things that make her dream
I know she's always thirsty for adventures
She's down to go where she has never been;
don't you know, she's an explorer
don't you know, she's a nature lover

**I would take the stars out of the sky for her.
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