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Dee Apr 2016
I have waited for twenty four years
To finally meet you.
That I won't give you up for a single mistake
or the rush of impatience.
You will find me here
waiting for you
Loving you in silence
Loving you more.
I love you Daniel. :)
Dee Mar 2016
You don't need to search for Love.

It has always been there,

inside of you...
Love yourself first.
Dee Mar 2016
Woman, you are most beautiful when you are not conscious of it. When you are being so natural, unmindful of how others see you. It's when you have no plans of pleasing anyone else because your only goal is to be you today and to be better than yourself tomorrow.

You know woman, you must have gotten it all wrong. Beauty isn't exactly what the media tells you it is. It isn't really about the color of your skin, the shape of your face, the make up you use or the size of your jeans. It is much more than that. It is what is inside you-your thoughts and the value you place on yourself and others. Beauty is being true to who you are. For when you are true to yourself, you are being true to what God made you to be.

On the seventh day of Creation, God rested and admired what He created for six days. Lo and behold!All of them are beautiful!

If God made you, there is no way you can be ugly. You may be flawed but you are definitely beautiful!
  Mar 2016 Dee
Callie Greene
I waited three days
In hopes that your love
Would resurrect like Jesus did
But you're not strong enough
To move the boulder
Covering your heart.
And I'm not strong enough
To be Mary and wait for you.
Dee Mar 2016
I wanna get drunk
with the taste of whiskey
in your breath.
plain and simple, I wanna kiss you :)
Dee Mar 2016
Loving you is like forgetting
That roses grow with thorns.
For all you gave me is
the sweet scent of a love
that never grows cold.
I wish all relationships were happy.
Dee Mar 2016
If you were a flower
I wouldn't pick you.

I would water you daily
And watch you grow.
Friendship Poem
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