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dareujoe Dec 2014
just testing the waters on this right now,
circulation is cut off
where has everything gone? slipped out from in front of my eyes
it's a silent scream i'm giving with eyes popping out
i want it so badly and it's right there,
yet i am scared and timid
can't anybody understand this or see?
dareujoe Dec 2014
I'm filled by anger, and much doubt.
This world is a filthy place.

Living on the afterburner of a broken fantasy,
it was better in the old days.
dareujoe Dec 2014
I was out of my room,
but they still could not see me,
even as i stood starving in front of their eyes.
dareujoe Dec 2014
I Am melting. sickness

i am melting, slowly, into a
pink mass, a goo in a small
mountain up against the wall.
sickening, sickness, this comes from within.

my eyes swell, sinking back into my head
filling with the hot waters of relief

**** Me Now.

My mouth slides down
my long face
letting out a sigh that i have been
carrying with me for sometime.
With it leaves a sick feeling
in my gut, a weight
from my stomach.
For now.
dareujoe Dec 2014
Lost, gone, darkness, vanished.
Impaled, dead, sliced. Red.

This is a sickness
this is damaged,
this is in my head, it's all over now.
they play ignorance blissfully drifting thru life.
I'm seeing this mutiny, sickly
thru a different light
dareujoe Dec 2014
Where did you go ?
i seem o be lost with no sense
of what i am to do.
you were there for me, gave all to me
you don't understand what you did
for me.
Thank You.
Thanks you Dog.
you left. while you were leaving i did my best.
I Love You.
Thank You.
Thanks, you Dog.
dareujoe Dec 2014
It's been a strange seven years
thru all of the scuttle
i've made my decisions
by choice of the gavial
laid down the law
to not change a thing
that is how it is, this is how
it will be
we fuss and we fight
i know this isn't right
when safety is found only
in the silence of night
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