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Dahlya Apr 2018
A broken heart
Is filled with memories
Over your head
Like a stormy cloud
That even passing time
And new love
Can’t ever fully erase.
It comes at 2 a.m.
With your love asleep by your side
When the sound of their laugh
Fills your dreams
And worst nightmares.
It’s holding your lovers hard
And hating yourself
For the memories
Of the way their skin felt
Pressed against yours.
It’s going on a date
At a spot that used to be yours
And fighting the tears
As you remember the way they smiled
Each time you arrived.
It’s hearing their name
And feeling your heart stop
Because that word
Hasn’t left your lips
Since they left
And you found another.
It’s hearing your love
Humming your song
And remembering the way t felt
When you loudly belted it in the car together
With out a care in the world.
One never fully recovers
From a broken heart
But finds distractions
To cover the ache.
Dahlya Apr 2018
I never wanted to beg you to stay,
Or for it to come to this at all,
I wanted to be strong and cold.
But instead I lie in the dark
Scared that if you leave
A part of me will go with you.
But the train went off track
And unfortunately it seems
That there may be no turning back.
I didn’t expect our pieces
To be mixed up and broken,
I thought we would be one.
Now I greatly fear that this piece
Won’t ever returnLeaving me shattered on the floor.
I never wanted to beg you to stay,
But if you go
I want that piece of me back.
Dahlya Apr 2018
Once I was
On top of the world

Winning at a game
That I didn’t know
I was playing
As I was cheered on
By eager fans
Boosting my ego

Skipping through the fallen leaves
And slipping recklessly
Through the dangers
Life handed me
That if I tripped
Someone was there
To catch me
Before I hit the pavement

But all at once
I fell from the nest
Feeling lost
When I scraped my knee
And nobody was there
Holding a band-aid
Ready to fix me

I wondered
Why it had been so easy
To fall hard
With no broken bones
Or ugly bruises

But nobody had told me
That when I used to fall
It had only been
From Dad’s shoulders
Dahlya Apr 2018
Filling the void
With strangers
In my bed
Searching for you
In their empty eyes
And drinking
Until last call
To ease the deep pain
But there is still a hole
That can only be filled
By letting go of you
Dahlya Apr 2018
I used to feel love
When the sun hit your face
Making your eyes glimmer
And my heart skip a beat
Now all I feel is emptiness
When we’re singing
In the car
To your favorite song
As you glance over
Like I gave you the world
Because you don’t know
That everything we have
Is about to be ruined
Dahlya Apr 2018
It hurt so much because it was an almost
We almost dated,
We could’ve fallen in love,
But we didn’t.
The hardest part is not knowing why.
Why did we drift apart?
Why wasn’t I good enough?
I deserved closure
But you couldn’t give me that.
You cross my mind
Every once in a while
And the wondering stings.
We will never know
What we could have been
And the unknown
Is what breaks me.
Dahlya Apr 2018
They say there’s beauty
In pain
But what is beautiful
About sitting on the bathroom floor,
Tears dripping
Into a puddle of blood,
And crying
Until your breath stops?
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