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You may doubt it, but I've see it
What lays beyond all oceans
Never would one imagine
How easily all can be deceived
By a few books and a map
It is true that ice lays beyond our borders
In every direction it is inescapable
Some have pondered, guessed or seen this
Yet none but I know
What lies beyond even that
For you see this earth we are on
This place we call the world
Is but a mere portion
A section of the plate
Those things beyond it
Can scare be imagined
Unless seen with the naked eye
And even then they may induce madness
To eyes like yours
So readily accustomed to deception
 Jan 12
Hadrian Veska
Washed moss stone
Guarding turtle shell shores
Down the dirt road
You'll find the giant snores

A small stone house
With thin plumes of smoke
Beasts of burden sleep
Laid beside their yoke

The skies hang low
A dull and overcast Grey
A moment ago I left
Now wishing I had stayed

But I know within myself
That the way I chose is right
That in time the sun will rise
And bring it's brilliant light

For now the rain comes
If only but a shower
Through it I'll go on
Though I lack the power

To make it to that place
Solely on my own
The ideal in my own mind
That fateful seed I've sown

Yet the world about remains
And rests from it's great work
So I in turn will rest
In the belly of the earth
Two years
Of it
****** viruses
Over taking the world
We're human race
Fights for freedom
News report of shear fear exaggeration .
My life is all doom and gloom.
Where is our human rights .
I can't breathe
I feel suffocated
unable to get on with life
I live under  dictateship
A web of lies .
What ever happened to our world .
 Nov 2021
Chelsea Rae
If you love someone, then why is it hard to say it?

Why is it hard to tell them and count the ways they have somehow

Rooted themselves within you as your favorite person?

Quite a confusing conundrum.

Because in my head we live in world's unknown, and

I can bare the deep vulnerability that comes with the words.

I can say it, shout it, sing it, paint it, all in my own dream world.

Why couldn't I say it in depth, in description,

even if I lay on death bed?

The desperation that builds in my chest, in my throat, and sinks and wrenches my stomach until it sinks

Because I just want to tell you.

Yet, when it's time I go blank in mind.


This makes me feel like I don't love you at all..

But that answer isn't right either..

I just hate that I am bad with words.

My own articulations are like hooks without bait.

And I cast and I cast and I cast my line

but yet, no words come to bite..

I'm just a stranded, confused girl, on a boat in the middle of the sea of love, ultimately at a loss with myself.

I'm sorry that I have never really been that good at fishing.
You're quite a catch and I am not sure how I
 Oct 2021
Chelsea Rae
Maybe there should be a different word for forgiveness because there are two kinds.

There is the forgiveness that we all automatically think of when we hear that word.

The kind where when they apologize and you feel the betrayal and pain come crashing down, collapsing on top of you all at once. Your world falling apart, or maybe just the walls of defense but as they begin to crumble, you can hear their, "I'm sorry," echoing through the back of your mind as you let the pain wash over you.
With each wave that comes you begin to bathe them in the cleansing waters too.
Your pain transmuting through a hug and three little words and you can feel it all wrap around you both like a big warm hug and you just...
Let go.

Then there's the kind of forgiveness that happens with boundaries.
This kind gets you stuck in your anger because more than likely the other person isn't going to come to you at their knees and try to show you they wanna make it better.
Or maybe, they just plain have run out of chances and your good graces wore thin but this kind of forgiveness will bring you to your own knees.
Begging for reprieve from the knives that have been stabbed into back. You just wish it was the person who put it there to give it but it won't be them.
It'll be you.

And you don't ever really "forgive" someone when you've finally removed THEIR knife the way you do when someone takes accountability for their half of the pain.

The other half of forgiveness is painful and lonely.

But you do it for you.
Just like they did it all for them.

You don't get a loving hug.
You get rug burnt, bleeding, hot trembling hands as you finally let go of the weight that was slowly about to drag you off the cliff from holding on.

But the minute you let go you find relief as the cool wind lightly kisses your callouses.

So you let it go.

Let go.
Forgiveness with love or with boundaries.
 Oct 2021
Chelsea Rae
See the deepest beauty in things

The simple minded never could.

Simple minds lead to shallow hearts.

Artists create

Just like God creates.

We are all artists within because we are One with the All.

If you don't see beauty, feel beauty,
You don't create or express, and if you don't create, you are seperated from the God Self within.

Express the Soul within
And show em your work of Art.
Where is the deep artist soul?
 Oct 2021
Oh how he towers over her
Rushing desire and adrenaline
As he makes her kneel at his feet
Lust tastes sweeter from this angle
 Oct 2021
Hadrian Veska
Vast oceans swell above me
Breathing in the cosmos
Submariner stars propel forward
Imperceptibly erratic
Obedient to their times and seasons
Lest they should fall to the abyss below

A thought, a feeling envelopes
Sealed off in the most pleasant way
Protected yet not wholly immune
A discerning eye is of no value
The heart is the basis of perception
Immovable and terribly wise

Should it but be still and listen
 Aug 2021
Chelsea Rae
You opened up my Pandora's box
And out sprang forth a geyser of forgotten traumas.

Years of hard work of disassociation,

You yell at me for not loving you better but I was loving you just fine before this and if I didn't then that's on you for never speaking up.

Your intimidation isn't my problem.

You yell and kick and scream
About abandonment
While I'm fighting off the demons
You activated for abandoning yourself and with that, your life.

You don't get to dictate how I handle the pain YOU opened up.

Idc about your half hearted attempts.

Admit that you're weak and you fell and you're knocked out and stop pretending to play confident king.

Delusional men who think they sit on a throne of truth but they sit upon half-truths, broken to pieces by your fractured perceptions.

Just admit it.

You are defeated and I refuse
to lie down and die in your coffin with you.
Toxic habits and cycles will end NOW.
 Aug 2021
Chelsea Rae
Humans aren't experienced with

The world sped up and shifted away from meaning.

They don't have time
To stop and think,

Let alone,
Stop and wonder.

They need things simple and quick,
To the point and definitive.

But I never was any of those things.

Anomalies stitched together with
deep complexities.

A walking contradiction
To all that is non-fiction.

I'm like ridin' waves,
Up n down.
Never staying the same.

I don't make sense, they say.

Is it because I can't make sense of me?
 Aug 2021
Chelsea Rae
You always pointed out what I was not, instead of what I was.

Over-exaggerating what was bad, but never breathing a word of the good.

Focusing on all that I lack, with a mouth full of "Should's."

You never loved me, you loved the thought of what you could make me.

I am not clay for molding your vision of a masterpiece to make
me easier to look at, and lay claim to, boasting about saying,
"Look at what we've made."

I was already the Mona Lisa but all that could come out of your mouth was,

"Why oh why doesn't she smile?"
(I do not lack, you do. For always being something that you're not.)
 Aug 2021
Chelsea Rae
If I had the ability to choose what I am,

I would like to be colors, light and sound.

To have consciousness swept around me and I spread out freely,

stretching into the atoms and melting into the particles of existence.
Sigh . . . <3
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