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 Feb 2020
Life seems tough and Blessings seem few at times.
But Christ has a plan and it seems that the battle here.
Is never really won , after each successful battle won.
A new one a rises to always take it place here on the earth,
But this is Christ redefining his people into better self.
Working , molding Us into your beautiful perfect self.
So in order to be truly blessed and becoming an blessing.
We need to become obediently obeying you Holy Savior.
Thus then you shall surely truly bless Us your people.
 Jan 2020
Lord the Christ, you are Good you are Perfect too.
Lord the Christ , only you God deserve to be worship.
Lord the Christ, for you have been around forever.
Lord the Christ, for only you speak true life into the world.
Lord the Christ, you are loved by your people right here.
Because you have loved Us first while we were still sinners.
Lord the Christ, you have inspire your people to die to self.
Because while you, walked the earth  there was no sin within you.
Lord the Christ, you are so Beautiful, and only you deserve Praise.
 Apr 2019
Hannah Jones
It is not enough
to say
"This is a cross."

You must deny yourself
pick it up
and follow.
If it was easy, everyone would do it.
(Luke 9:23)
 Aug 2017
Cherisse Powers
I might have
But that doesn't
Stop me from
Living a Godly life
That you will
Forever provide
In my life.

Yes, I have autism
And I'm proud,

For what God has
Truly created me
To be in this life
That I'll forever
Live through him.
©Cherisse Powers
 Aug 2017
It went in so easy,
meant to be.
Swollen and throbbing,
deep in me.

I slide up and smile,
slam down and gasp.
Filling me up
and stretching my ***.

I scrap my nails on your chest
and leave a mark.
You got this now
from light til dark.

Your motion makes me explode,
hard and fast as it gets.
We are not done,
I want to be ridden hard and put away wet.
My first venture into ****** poetry, seeing how it goes and what response I get
 Aug 2017
Jorge Diaz
We do not have to plead our case
For he took our place
Tracing back-to Genesis
When we were molded by His grace

His love demonstrate
Gender and race
For we are all the same

It’s a shame
What we are today
Is not how we were made
To walk around with these chains

For we bear His image
To a perfect finish
But we’re stained with sinful *******

It's self to blame
Self-most fade
Our ego trade
For a righteous change

He paved the way
So that our sins will be erased
Our hearts engraved
With the message that saves

Demons shack
When they see His face
The devil races
Back to his cage

His love is like a flame
Power with in His name
From death the grave
To life, He reigns

Your guilt exchanged
With your sins paid
Forgiveness He give
Don’t have to wait
Come to Jesus today.
You have saved me...
 Aug 2017
Jorge Diaz
Holy God, Sovereign, Faithful, Righteous and True

I pray every day that I may be reduced

Death to the flesh, alive in You

This is hard to do

So much temptation blurs my view

Whatever it takes, this is what I chose

Be the gardener of my heart, weeds, and thorns remove

Drink from Your cup, Blood of Jesus righteous juices

My soul’s affection and bruised

Healed by Christ Jesus, stripes, and wounds

Don’t want to go back into the devil's pool

Let me walk in your victorious shoes

So that I won’t slip into the devil's glue

Like a plug to a socket, connected to You

So I won’t go down into death and meet my doom

Everywhere I go, Your light that gives life produces

Giving birth to everlasting Spiritual fruit

Fire of Your Holiness consumed

“To live as Christ and to die is gain”

This is my life’s pursuit
 Aug 2017
Father into your hands I commend my Spirit
I seek to give my life to you
You, who hold the universe together, holds me in the palm of your hand
In your hands I find warmth and strength
In your hands I know I am safe and secure
Hold me and mold me into the man I'm called to be
Speak to me and keep me and wrap me tight
Bring me close to your chest and keep me safe through the night
Touch my heart oh God and change me from within
Wash over me, purify me and cleanse me from my sin
Help me put my hand in your hand and walk by your side
On passing earthly thing I have far too often relied
You are my walking stick, the light before me, and staff to guide
You are my legs when I am feeble and strength when I am weak
Grab me when I stumble in the dark and reach out for your hand I seek
With arms spread wide you reached across the world to bridge the great divide
With arms outstretched you welcomed me to life with you
And still sometimes I act like I haven't got a clue
Always and forever in your loving arms I remain
Even when I bind myself with all variety of shackles and chains
Use my hands to pour forth your mercy and healing
Grant me a joy and a glow that is all too appealing
Let my hands and feet be extensions of your own
In everything I say and do let your love and light be shown
Bless my hands and let them bless
Move my feet and help me to move
Make wise my mind and let me share wisdom
Fill my heart with love and let me live with all my heart
Grant my soul peace and let me grant peace to all souls
Let your Spirit settle upon me and may I be at rest in your Spirit
Put your word on my lips and let my lips proclaim your word
Set a song in my veins and may I be an instrument for your Glory
You hold me in the palm of your hand, allow me to do the same for others
Father I desire to give my whole life to your hands
Into your hands I commend my spirit
Written tonight at St. Patrick's Church during Adoration.
 Aug 2017
Cynthia Jean
Faith made perfect
Those golden threads of Love
through our days
of joys
and sorrows.

Cynthia Jean

Our life is a tapestry, and nothing is ever wasted.
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