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 Feb 2019
I had been running from
My shadow's for far too long
And so I tried to stop
And take a right
To fix what's wrong
I had to learn to get along

These ghost of mine
They share my soul
They refused to simply just
Let the past go

I burn a candle and meditate
But all my magic is tied to fate
The time to pay
Is actually here
I keep my love
And passion near
Traveler Tim
 Feb 2018
Get me out of here
I need to leave
This year
Please help me learn to breath
All the air has been taken from me

The day goes by
Faces flicker past
All I feel is fear
Please help me learn to see
What's beyond this veil
The shades been drawn
Yet nighttime is all but gone

I come home from work
Shaken to the bone
Long day of meetings
Food was a waste of time
And all I feel is fear
Please help me learn to sleep
I'm so tired

I wake up from this
And all I see is me
Happy and sweet
All I feel is peace
Please keep me here
Never let me leave
 Nov 2017
K Balachandran
fallen autumn leaves,
color the desolate path.
dreams dancing in breeze
 Nov 2017
K Balachandran
air smells lavender,
spring day turns rambunctious,
love breaks all the rules!
 Nov 2017
K Balachandran
coconut trees hold,
tight on to their umbrellas,
wind upsets that plan.
 Nov 2017
K Balachandran
a blazing eyed girl,
fueled by her love's ardor,
cool it by a smile!
 Nov 2017
K Balachandran
in torrents rain chats,
whitening nimbus restraints,
vignettes come in drops.
 Nov 2017
K Balachandran
her ****** smile,
brushed softly below his belt,
needs to be on guard!
 Oct 2017
K Balachandran
sneaky rays of dawn,
pool of light in drawing room.
uninvited warmth!
 Oct 2017
K Balachandran
smartphone addict, she
tripped, fell and photobombed him;
in his selfie now
 Sep 2017
K Balachandran
on windowsill rain
drums,makes memories march on
hooting, jubilant
 Sep 2017
K Balachandran
city lights shut eyes,
silence nets darkened night;
alone, still she waits.
 Sep 2017
K Balachandran
name she coyly said,
lost between pout and cleavage.
need a second chance.
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