Christine 10h

I need to leave
I will run, run
run, run, run

I saw you
too late
I am far gone

I heard you
too late
I miss you

I've never been good at
Being touched.

Though the fingers
Of endless suitors
Have traced incomparable
Lines of affection,
They all stroke
The same wounds.

New hands feel like
Recycled lullabies,
Humming promises
Of a new melody,
Singing a remedy for
My impassivity.

Whether words fall
Passionate or
Endearment lines my lips
With an expiration
Long enough to convince me,
But short enough to leave me.

Reminding me:
The disintegration of
My prerequisite
For destruction.

So before you
Touch me with
Promises of a new
I'm already marking the
Days until you leave.

Because my skin
Is tired of
Intruders hidden
Behind momentary

So keep your hands to yourself.

  16h Christine

The butterfly flutters her wings as she dances in my stomach, the mere sight of you sets her a flutter

The stars, they twinkle,  like finely cut diamonds absorbing all light and reflecting in your eyes

A smile, that when I observe, silently, I say to myself, "oh my god". That smile heats my entire body

A face so moorish I bite my lip as I envision my palms against your skin, caressing the softness and the roughness

  16h Christine

I'm too much for you
Well, you know
I'm too much for me too

I make a joke out of it
The fastest way to lose a man
Is to tell him
I see him as more

And I saw you as more
More than what you are
Or were

I wish I hadn't said it
And I wish I hadn't even thought it
"I go with the flow" you said
And I wish I could also drift
Loose lips sink ships

I thought about you again last night
Whilst in bed with another man
He asked me "What's going through your mind?"
I thought for a second about telling him
But instead I lied.

  3d Christine

I spend my nights
Dreaming of you

I wonder if you
Think of me too

Lying in bed
Staring at the ceiling

Imagining your
Curves in the

I hear your name
And tense up

My heart beat
Rising uncontrollably

Will they see through

Will they see my
Hot cheeks

My avoiding

And fidgeting

My thoughts
Are uncontrollable

Everyday flooding in
But never leaving.

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