Sep 1 Christine

I don't care what you think
I never have
I never fit in
the more I try the more obvious it is I don't belong.

I'm a lone wolf in my own forest and I like it that way
I like being
there for me
and not having to worry about
stupid peoples insecurities
I like having
those 6 degrees
of separation between you and me.

I envy those who crave touch,
for I know not until I am

I envy those who can spread their wings
and become the social butterfly in the room

that's not me

not trying to keep up with these sheep

I'd rather starve in my abandoned forest
than dress in their stupid fleece

  Sep 1 Christine
Paul Jones

To love and be loved      is to be in the
atmospheric warmth      of feeling complete.

14:30 - 01/09/17

State of mind: mellow; tired.
Perspectives: personal.

Thoughts: from feeling - mellow and tired but generally quite content and relaxed. Like an overwhelming tiredness, returning from a long but beautifully, wild adventure.

Questions: none.

Listening to: Sigur Rós - Dauðalogn
  Sep 1 Christine

I'm left alone but it's okay

At least you kept me company

Even if you're not here;

Words few and random,

Yet words meaningful to me.

Words cut short;

Not more than beautiful lies.

Even you have to go,

Yet again I'm left alone.

Listening to laughter I wish I had as well,

Joy that I wish I grabbed when I had the chance;

If I had taken a whole different path;

A haunting thought.

Frightening, yes, but also comfortable;

Thinking I should be happy after all that happened,

Yet I'm not.


I can't think straight

But I still think of the feeling of how you hurt me with one-sided love

Without even noticing it
  Sep 1 Christine
Francie Lynch

Memories aren't made to be broken,
Yet lie in shards, each piece
Refracting unframed pictures.

Promises aren't made to be broken,
But words are malleable.

Hearts are too often broken, quartered
And flung to the elements.

Spirit cannot be broken
Under any crushing worry.

And love,
Away or dwelling,
Encompassing love;
Battered, betrayed,
Exalted, praised;
Spent like money,
Treasured, yet free as air.
Most invulnerable,
Most vulnerable;
Frail and omnipotent.

All the good ones, are taken
it's the way and turn, of the world
All of the good ones, are taken
claims staked, and flags, unfurled

All the bad ones, forsaken
it's not their fault, or to blame
All of the bad ones, forsaken
forgotten their faces, and names

All sad ones, remembered
the look, and the angst, in their eyes
All of the sad ones, remembered
long past the day, that we die

All the loved ones, awaiting
their faces shining, composed
All of the loved, awaiting
for the day, that the light
from my eyes
finally goes

I'm not a religious man, but I do believe I am spiritual ;D
  Sep 1 Christine
Gabriel burnS

She’s dancing:
Closed eyes,
Open palms ,
Vague smile

She is music;
And sound waves
Are dancing to her

And when she moves
Her clothes are naked;
And when she smiles,
My thoughts are
(words are flaking)


She tunes me
To her frequency
Riding waves
Pulling vibes and strings
Charting shores
Wanting replay
Asking for more

  Aug 29 Christine
Ashley Sapp

people will tell you
that you matter until
even saying the words
becomes too much work...

(not to mention)

...their voices cannot
defeat the mad ones in
your skull that flood
until you drink them in.

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