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i've cried myself to sleep way too many times
i shouldn't say i'm fine
it's just a huge lie

 Oct 2018 Cara May
Miss You Senryu
 Oct 2018 Cara May
I cried over you
But I will not remember
The way I missed you
I haven’t written a haiku for over 2 years!!!
(Edit, turns out this is a senryu which is even cooler!)
 Apr 2018 Cara May
 Apr 2018 Cara May
She had galaxies
In her eyes
And her tears
Were falling stars.
© KMH 2018
 Apr 2018 Cara May
We may be sad
We may be messy
We may be crazy
But the best thing about the human race
Is our ability to hope
For without hope we have no life
No beginning
For without that little piece of hope
We would not be human
And to be human
Is beautiful thing
Just a little thing I came up with
 Dec 2017 Cara May
Caught up in the fairytale
Captivated by the dream
I didn’t notice the warning signs
Or hear my subconscious scream

You manipulated & coerced me
Into falling in love with you
I honestly believed we were soulmates
Even when you couldn’t be true

One other woman is all it should’ve taken
For me to walk out your door
Several affairs over two years
And I finally said “no more”

A typical narcissist you are dating again
Finding solace in new supply & old
I know deep inside you’re as miserable as hell
And your heart is heavy and cold

I’ve made it to day 55 of silence
I haven’t attempted to pick up the phone
Of course I miss “us” whatever we were
But I know I’m better off alone.

You poisoned both my body and mind
You have actually broken my heart
Grieving for a person who is still alive
Is definitely  the hardest part.
 Oct 2017 Cara May
Max Vale
I came from the north,
With my strings and guitar.
My family put their hopes in me,
So I may go far.

I wander these streets,
Alone and cold.
Forgotten stories,
Never to be told.

Every corner I turn,
Every house I pass.
I see sad faces,
Who never made it.

Lonely souls,
Saddened loss.
Whom all is lost.*

Alas, I couldn't go far,
The streets defeated my,
Strings and guitar.

Now I watch the cars go by,
Wishing I could have has a better life.
The tendons
in your body
must rip and tear,
must bleed
and suffer
to become stronger,

and I think
it must be the same
for our
I feel so stupid.
 Jun 2017 Cara May
In my desperate search for true love;
I lost myself.
This was a huge surprise for me; totally unexpected! Thank you :3
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