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Max Vale Sep 29
Were her eyes blue?
I can't remember.
Was it hot or cold,
August or December?
Did she have green eyes?
I still can't see her.
She's long gone,
Just like the weather.
Maybe she had brown eyes,
Just like leather.
But now she's left,
Maybe its for the better.
No she had gray eyes,
I wrote her a letter.
It got sent right back,
With a return-to-sender.
Max Vale Sep 7
i ran from monsters in the night,
from screaming demons in my mind.
i want my feet off off the ground,
its crumbling under me, the sound.
i reach my hands up to the sky,
maybe the angels will reply.
but its all silent.
Max Vale Aug 20
you were always there
steady, reliable
stood there for years
never missed a beat
but you're getting older
the wood is beginning to wear
the pendulum is slowing
yet you're still going
the memories begin to fade
you still tick
but you can't remember my name.
It's hard seeing a loved one go through memory loss whether that be from dementia or other illnesses. My heart goes out to anyone in a similar situation.
Max Vale Aug 8
sometimes it was like,
the sun was going to shine,
you by my side,
i didn't think life could be,
but fall comes,
and turns into winter.
its not only the weather,
that gets a bit colder.
Max Vale Jul 5
the first time we met,
it was like touching heaven.
didn't know it yet,
but it was a dream worth living,
even if it was for a second.
because i still think,
i can see your smile.
even though,
you've been gone,
your smile still carries on.
Max Vale Jun 12
you always seemed love the sky,
the moon, the sun, the stars.
they all seem to shine a little brighter,
now that you're shining among them.

Max Vale Apr 20
A new dawn arrives,
In a blistering red heat.
A small flame
Becomes a bonfire.
But alas it won't last
Fade into ashes and smoke.
Even brilliance
Becomes dust.
But tomorrow when
The moon sets.
The phoenix will rise.

Every day like a phoenix we are reborn into a new beginning. We only have 24 hours to do something. But even the things we build are temporary and will fade into dust. But tomorrow the ashes from today gives birth to a new phoenix.
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