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Don't worry,
That you lost me.
I'm gonna be alright.

Just hold me.
So tightly,
This one last time.

I'm going,
I'm leaving,
Into the light.
Max Vale Oct 9
On the outside,
I've never fitted in.
It's like I'm alright,
But there's a violin,
Playing in the background.
Why doesn't my voice,
Make a sound?
Why is everyone,
Never around?
Max Vale Oct 7
She's got that blonde hair,
Deep blue eyes.
It's like looking at,
If you ever see this, I like you
Max Vale Oct 1
Cuz I'll rather have you instead,
Than feeling so so depressed
Why can't you be my ecstasy,
Take all the pain away from me.
Maybe in another lifetime,
You'll be the one I call mine.
Because you are all I ever need,
Now it hurt so bad that you have to leave.
Double post haha sorry just feel sadly inspired
Max Vale Oct 1
We are all so depressed,
Wanting it to all end.
Want everything off my chest,
Waiting for the weekend.
It do get dark sometimes
Max Vale Sep 25
My head was pounding,
The world was spinning.
I can't see my surrounding,
Pain is only beginning.

I could hear your voice,
You were weeping and crying.
In the background noise,
I could hear the medics trying.

The silence is creeping,
A sleep I can't escape.
My eyes were falling,
My vision full of shapes.

I'm sorry I didn't make it for you,
Hope you can find someone new.
Max Vale Sep 14
You locked yourself away,
When we were fighting and screaming.
You refused to open the door,
When I was pounding and pleading.

The flashing lights came,
You were on the ground.
I was crying and praying,
For you to come around.

You looked lifeless on the bed,
Without you I'm incomplete.
The black raven bows its head,
I can't hear your heartbeat.

I still need you,
Please don't go.
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