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Max Vale Mar 2
It's a path we walk,
Whenever we feel alone.
When we don't want to talk,
But just want to go home.

When it rains,
It rains on me.
The wind pains,
It hurts to be me.

I hate the cold,
Yet it loves me.
It always loves to hold,
Tight, surrounding me.

I wish I was better,
That I didn't have to be me.
My life's so bitter,
I wish that I was free.
Its a cold world out there
Max Vale Feb 23
You say I'm depressed,
I've changed, I'm lonely.
If that's the problem,
Then why don't you call me?
Max Vale Feb 14
Remember when I told you,
That there will always be hope.
Remember when I told you,
To hold onto the rope.

Remember when I told you,
The road was long.
Remember when I told you,
To please stay strong.

Remember when I told you,
You'd never be alone.
Remember that I've promised,
That'll I'll come home.
Im coming home
Max Vale Feb 8
She's the song that keeps me alive,
She's the reason why I don't wanna die.
She always warms my heart.
I'm prayin' we'll never be apart.
Max Vale Feb 1
Will pay everything,
To see you one last time.
But heaven takes nothing,
Not even the biggest bribe.
Its been a while Lacy, I love you
Max Vale Jan 9
We took a Polaroid,
I put it next to my heart.
So no matter where we go,
We'll never be apart.
Max Vale Nov 2018
Melancholy song,
Delivers to the heart.
Nothing is worse,
Than having to part.
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