Max Vale Sep 26
The storm is rising,

A maleficent beast.

The end is coming,

Time for darkness to feast.
Max Vale Sep 24
Not every tear shed,
Will receive sympathy.
Not every single death,      
Will go down in history.
Max Vale Aug 22
Slow setting sun,
The night's beginning to crawl.
I guess summer's done,
Brace for fall.
Max Vale Aug 15
Glorious hills,
Hall of fame.
Cheap thrills,
*** of the Game.

How did I get here?

Shipwrecked boat,
Undiscovered land.
Sore throat,
Parched and bland.

It came from above,
Woken by the sun.
By the sight of a dove,
My training begun.

I fought beasts,
I ran till I could run no more,
I challenged chiefs,
I won the war.

My ordeal had not ended,
It had literally just begun.
My road was not apprehended,
By myself or anyone.

I surfed waves,
I braved the whirlpool.
I plunged into the ocean caves,
To recover the infamous jewel.

I climbed the mountain,
Silent and still.
At the peak lay a fountain,
Ready to spill.

The water enlightened me,
I was ready to fight.
Nothing could stop me,
As I flew into the night.

At long last I was home,
Captain's armband.
In this very stadium dome,
I will create history by my very own hand.
Max Vale Aug 6
I was brought here by a star,
One that I had rode on from afar.
Here on this planet called "Earth",
Was destined to be my hearth.
Millenniums folded,
The Earth moulded.
From a barren plain,
To the Earth we see today.
Then I met Man.
Gone were the forests,
Replaced by cities.
Gone were the creatures,
Who had no say.
Man was not evil,
Man had good intentions.
Shame that the life of one race,
Mattered more than the life of others.
Earth, my home.
A friend I used to know,
A girl I used to love.
Now I'm faded.
Max Vale Jul 9
The storm is coming,
You can run but cannot hide.
You better start running,
Cuz this is a wave you cannot ride.
Max Vale Jul 3
The vans on the interstate
they go real slow, they go real slow
the vans on the interstate
20 MPH below, 20 MPG below
the limit

I'm too fast for this road,
There's nowhere I can't go.
I'm free I carry no load,
Speed limit? No.

The vannies are nannies
don't ya know, don't ya know
vannies are nannies
really slow, really slow
it really is
no secret

Time goes quickly,
Soon it'll go below.
But life's too quick,
For me to go slow.

I'm not sure they
comprehend, comprehend
really not sure they understand
either GMC, or Chevrolet
whether GMC, or Chevrolet
being the clot
in the road

Embrace the speed while you can,
Before you blink.
It'll disappear,
Before you can think.
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