They told us we were weak,
Useless, shit.
We were awful and meek,
That was should give up and quit.

But no,
Alone we are raindrops.
Fragile, small,
Together we are an ocean,
Strong, proud.

So don't listen to those,
Who all they do is swear and spit.
Together let us walk forward,
And refuse to ever quit.
Max Vale Jan 27
em>There's a time when you're lost,
Alone, terrified.
There comes a time when you feel,
Scared and horrified.

Everyone goes through these phases,
Yet not everyone makes it out alive.
There are some impossible stages,
Wait a little while, and see it resolve in time.

So if you're ever down,
Depressed and tainted,
Take a knee,
And tie up your laces.
Max Vale Jan 20
em>Every life matters,
Every life is worth living.
Give life your all,
And maybe you'll achieve something.

Treasure the little things,
As much as the big things.
Love yourself,
And see what life  brings.

Live your life with no regret,
Don't stop to think.
Don't be afraid of any threat,
Because life will go by like a blink.
Max Vale Jan 12
em>You're not always what people think you are,
You're not always what you think you are.
But time will take you to different places,
And the world will untie like your laces.

But you can keep tying yourself together,
Hold on to yourself.
One man with the correct attitude,
Can move a whole mountain of solitude.

Yes, You will always fall,
Yes, You might fail.
Yes, You might be rejected,
But who knows, maybe you'll prevail.

It takes one step,
For the whole world to change.
So keep in good health,
And keep loving yourself
Max Vale Jan 3
em>Look up at the sky.
How many stars do you count?
Are you sitting there lazing,
Looking up and stargazing?

Draw a constellation,
Let your imagination run wild.
Is that an angel I see,
Or is it a child?

The stars can be anything,
You can be too.
Embrace everything,
Then life will embrace you.
Max Vale Dec 2017
History, Philosophy,
Fame, Fortune, Glory,
Chaos, Disaster, Spent.
Yellow, Blue, Black.
Void, Killer, Murderer.
Lazy, Incompetent, Slack,
Traveler, Explorer.
Master, Lord, Supreme.
Pleasant, Jolly.
Fit, Strong, Lean.
Bluebell,Daisy, Poppy.
Tranquil,Serene, Calm,
Ocean, River, Lake.
Oak, Birch, Palm,
Steal, Grasp , Take.
Max Vale Dec 2017
em>Darkness is the absence of light,
Defeat is the absence of pride.
Chaos is the absence of right,
Insanity is the absence of mind.

There will always be a battlefield,
Full of chaos and lies.
Don't be afraid,
A hero will rise.

The hero is abstract,
It can't really be seen.
But the hero can be felt,
And provides a shoulder to lean.

The hero has a sword,
And from the ashes it will ascend.
Stronger than any lord,
All pain will end.

We all take little things for granted,
But they mean the most to us.
A blade of emotion,
Strikes harder than one of steel.

God gave us a gift,
And from the  heavens it will descend.
The greatest gift of all tells us,
Hold On All Pain Will End.
The hero is called Hope :) Hence the title :P
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