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I’m not a person made of leaves
but I am fulfilled with make believes
You were giving me hints while leaving your fingerprints
now I see it crystal clear that you’re really really gone
and all the killing in our story has just been done

How many times my heart will be broken?
How many painfully words can not be spoken?
And I always die,  
In every single time, after a deeply last minute of sigh

Sometimes I regret for expressing emotions
especially some moments that caused me so much explosions
Captain Lucas Jan 15
Those breathless moments,
after words so dishonest,
makes me wonder about the true love existence
whilst in distance, i can feel perseverance fading so far away...

I tried to combine what life decided to divide
and even after all these years,
my eyes still doomed with tears
so why should us hide -or deny- our beautiful delight?

The more it hurts, the more I know it's real
what I don't really know its how am I supposed to feel?
Captain Lucas Aug 2018
Through a cloudy day, there was a sunny heart
That once upon a time, it collapsed apart
There are no hot winds to warm its veins
Only despair and sadness in form of chains

Who painted sky a blue so bright?
Who drew our spine with beige inside?
These violent delights have violent ends
And I would play the fool for making amends

My anger against you it doesn’t exist,
without forces and faith, I still insist
That after all these violent ends,
we wouldn’t be great not even as friends
Captain Lucas May 2018
Could you tell me what's the matter of living?
While my bad health is just the beggining...
So why do they use the "How are you?" question?
After I fought against my inner depression
Nobody even cared what was this war's result
and this was my death through the higher of the youth

There are a few words that I wish I could speak
but my nervoussisms makes me feel kinda weak
I could make use of the nature to create another world analogy
But why would mother nature have such an emphaty?

Not even god can conffort the sadness of my heart
since through my ordinary do's and don'ts, I just fell apart
When it comes to auto defense... I can not find the enough strenght
But I don't want to know what's the colateral effect
when the next thought is leading me to death
Please if you guys have any advice, a compliant or not one... to share w/ me about my writing... feel free to do it!
Captain Lucas Feb 2018
"For your heart's sake, avoid to drink of the love poison,
you can not control the damage and its proportion"
There was an angel's voice singing it loud in my ears
and telling me a revenge way to scare all my fears

I walked through a journey profoundly made of scars
while above my sky there were plenty of shining stars...
Lights there reignited so bright, it even risks to get me blind
As a fact, I never stepped on dopamine's trail
since believing in true love, gave me a badly fail

While my consciousness told me "to be careful" as a reply
I was falling in desire for every stranger with a clouded eye
You were my windy rain, pouring of happiness with every gain
But if I survived during all of my dreary life
why wouldn't I cicatricize my coming lonely night?
Captain Lucas Feb 2018
The more sadier I can be
shall I let the despair begin
Name a few list of friends
and ask yourself if it's worth to make amends...

The more easier certainly has been done
the hardest that I'll might never reach
you can try to do a speech.
Make use of the words that made me insane,
since I don't have no one else to blame...

Congrats for this chaos you create inside my chest
but when I leave you - I will leave you in the past.
Have you ever left someone in the past?
Captain Lucas Feb 2018
Oh how you wish this war had never begun
in consequence of that, you were not allowed to feel the sun
in almost every start of page, you wrote down "Dear Kitty,"
and as a concern you asked Peter, if she was pretty

Now it feels like I am the new Anne Frank from new decade
the difference is that depression is my enemy, it won't let me scape
through moments of dark, you showed me how I could be more strong
through moments of clarity, we both suffered because of bomb

Well, if the nature brings solance in all troubles as you said
I hope fear, loneliness and unhappiness gets out of my head
Inspired by Anne Frank's Story and mixed with my usual life. She is an inspirational person for me... The fact that she had been in the Secret Annex for a few years makes me relate because I stayed inside my house without going out for a while. The difference between is that she wasn't allowed to and I have the right but for depression I resigned that.
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