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co'brien Mar 2020
we’re all looking for pleasure
can you tell us where it is?
just need a bit of leisure
to distract my mind for a bit
give me something to measure
enchant my eyes for a while
i’m not looking for treasure
just a breather, just a sign

you know we’re not opponents
can you tell me why I’m yours?
let me drink in these moments
things i know i’ll never have
i never could do romance
i’d have too far down to fall
can’t we fall into a trance
maybe live a little more?

i just want you to smile
can you do that for me now?
i can’t hold onto my words
things that fate would not allow
you know that i can’t draw near
i wish i could tell you how
my mind grows restless waiting
for the day you let me out
co'brien Dec 2019
Speak to the muses blamed for your bruises—
They might say something yet.
Forget that the news is staring right through this—
Their blades with blood are wet.
You know you and I, we peer through the sky—
Feeling for fates unset.
Even though they lie about where or why—
I knew I’d ne’er forget.
co'brien Nov 2019
i'm a fool
    with a camera
and i must stop
    and shoot
the rusted lattice i
    walked under

my friends
patiently for me to finish

i aim and fire
    my photographic rifle
        and capture a luminous sun
co'brien Sep 2019
That all hath fall'n away impure;
That all we thought is now unsure—
This is the final cause of it,
That which we know has gone to ****—
Yet here we stay, throughout the days,
Staring into a foggy maze.
co'brien Sep 2019
you know our observatory minds
hide behind accusatory eyes
reading from statutory lines

stealing glances, stealing lies
borrowed for another time
projecting further our own demise

you know we live on borrowed time
little can ease our troubled minds
it’s hard to know where a feeling lies

in the attic or in vacant lines
i can’t look you in the eyes
it brings me pain: my own demise

but it seems you know the truth
that we’ve wandered in our youth
that these days we’ll come to rue
co'brien Jun 2019
im not your antonym—
a double negative
im not a flat rhythm
lacking an objective

and im not unstable
or merely unable
to connect the dots

its just that im
terrified of
what it is we

are we just two
passersby who
shared a glance or
two and never
looked back at what
could become of

“us” is a pronoun
and we are sentenced
to silent eternity
a bit more cliché than i usually like to write but eh i guess it's okay
co'brien Jun 2019
I’m only a poet;
There’s nothing I know but
How to say what’s been said
Without a thought in my head.
I’m only a poet;
I know how to show what
We’ve seen, paint lies instead
Of novel truths unread.
I’m only a poet:
Hear the cry from my hut
Of this man who has bled
Tears borrowed from the dead.
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