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Bailey Lewis Apr 2018
The light bulbs
Of the body
They can give
And take away light
But always burn the
Brightest in the
Darkest Rooms
Bailey Lewis Mar 2018
The shape of her body
Sits still in my sheets
Long after she is gone
I bury my face into my pillow
Where the perfume still lingers
I dream of her next to me
Playing connect the dots
With my freckles
Twirling my hair around
Her fingers
Chest pulsating against mine
The silence is calming
And then she is gone
Bailey Lewis Dec 2017
We meet again
With your clammy hands
Wrapped neatly around
My skin
Conversations with the ceiling
Sharing secrets with the shadows
The night takes me in
But won’t let me out
Bailey Lewis Jul 2016
Of all the things
I should have avoided
Her lips were the first
But the way my name
Rolled off her tongue
How could I resist?
It's been awhile. Hopefully I'm back.
Bailey Lewis Apr 2016
She was a shipwreck
Her body couldn’t handle
The sorrowful sea
And board by board
The tide took her away
From me
I hate generic rhyme patterns, but it has been awhile and I need to keep posting.
Bailey Lewis Mar 2016
Broken hands built the house
Broken bottles buried the owner
Bailey Lewis Feb 2016
And as we sit across the table
From each other
I realize that instead of this
Exam review
I’d much rather study you
Short, but I thought it was cute.
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