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Mar 17 · 69
one-sided music
wren Mar 17
i hear it all
i hear Your breaths
i hear Your hands
i hear how close we are
i hear Your eyes meeting mine
we are fireworks of sound
but You hear nothing
i can’t breathe around You and i hope it kills me
Mar 10 · 84
types of cutting
wren Mar 10
i cut my hair instead of myself
i refuse to go back to that
now my hair is short and rosy
Mar 10 · 106
i'm decomposing
wren Mar 10
i can’t stop sleeping during the day
i sleep for three hours
then can’t in the night

i start getting numb
i can’t think without crying
i keep seeing Her face
i keep hearing Her song

my life runs together
and i sleep through school
my words become someone else’s
i’m so sick of myself
Feb 11 · 460
wren Feb 11
flowers bloom in our heart
i bloom eternal tulips
but in You, only periwinkles can grow
why am i always back to you
Feb 11 · 315
incredibles 2
wren Feb 11
You always hold me
Your big hand wrapped in my tiny one
our eyes meeting softly
meaningless words filling our mouths
smiles beneath our blanket
i wish You’d always pull me to You, Moon
wren Jan 28
please don’t grab onto my arm
You know i don’t like leading

it’s far too scary, being in charge but
we both know i wont tell You i’m unhappy

wanting You to hold me is so hard
when i feel like everyone thinks im disgusting  

but forcing myself to only cater only to you
feels even more nauseating
please just let me be the ******* sub we both know i am
Jan 25 · 81
wren Jan 25
i envy the stallions
they are wild and free
but i am just a goldfish
stuck eating my own **** in a world that never changes
new people might pass by my sickly old tank
but no one ever stays
they always look
and leave
i am nothing but a joke to those who claim to care
my tears are easy sipping to their greedy, thirsty lips
i hope i go belly-up
Jan 25 · 83
unknown number
wren Jan 25
you texted me
about how much you missed me
“i hope heaven’s nice and your laugh doesn’t fade”
it was to your mom
but i let you keep texting
even if it’s not for me
i’ll always be the messenger
behind your cracked screen
i hope she’s still smiling
Jan 23 · 170
wren Jan 23
if i were to die right now
the only one who mourn the real me
would be you
my Moon
well you’d know everything but how i feel about you
Jan 23 · 105
wasting time
wren Jan 23
i am not living

not even in my attempts at liveliness am i truly alive

so, i research

“steps to feeling alive”

“guide to living”

but then i’m left wondering

is following someone else’s guide really living at all?
Can someone ***** the code
Jan 23 · 359
wren Jan 23
i am not Yours
You are not mine
we can never be together, enveloped in the soft warmth of each other.
You will never hear the music that sings me to sleep in place of You.
the serene morning lights will never shine on us as we slowly shift awake, still intertwined
for my Moon

— The End —