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wren 7d
flowers bloom in our heart
i bloom eternal tulips
but in You, only periwinkles can grow
why am i always back to you
wren 7d
You always hold me
Your big hand wrapped in my tiny one
our eyes meeting softly
meaningless words filling our mouths
smiles beneath our blanket
i wish You’d always pull me to You, Moon
  Jan 28 wren
We became friends
the first time we saw

Something inside me
grew from then on

But you're blinded by our friendship
"I like you," I say
"I like you too," you jokingly reply

Why can't I just tell you
That what I said is true
wren Jan 28
please don’t grab onto my arm
you know i don’t like leading

it’s far too scary, being in charge but
we both know i wont tell you i’m unhappy

wanting you to hold me is so hard
when i feel like everyone thinks im disgusting  

but forcing myself to only cater only to you
feels even more nauseating
please just let me be the ******* sub we both know i am
  Jan 25 wren
It's quite mad,
Falling in
We purposely
Let things get out
Of control.
We purposely surrender
And open our
Heart for this person.
See, this is torture,
Subjecting yourself to
All the pain that
Comes with them,
But does all that matter
If you're in love?
wren Jan 25
i envy the stallions
they are wild and free
but i am just a goldfish
stuck eating my own **** in a world that never changes
new people might pass by my sickly old tank
but no one ever stays
they always look
and leave
i am nothing but a joke to those who claim to care
my tears are easy sipping to their greedy, thirsty lips
i hope i go belly-up
wren Jan 25
you texted me
about how much you missed me
“i hope heaven’s nice and your laugh doesn’t fade”
it was to your mom
but i let you keep texting
even if it’s not for me
i’ll always be the messenger
behind your cracked screen
i hope she’s still smiling
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