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 Oct 2015 XvA
 Oct 2015 XvA
I traced circles on your palms
And infinity in your heart
I drew my love on your skin
And made you taste it on me
The time ran on us
The earth is shaking
Heaven's up above
But it's hell down here
We soared the night
With our eyes closed
With the lights turned off
We bathed in moonlight
Of warmth, sweat, and darkness
But you were uncertain
To sketch on me as well
 Oct 2015 XvA
 Oct 2015 XvA
From the sky you fell
To this humble
And earthly hell

To the water
You began to swim
Like a naiads daughter

From my lips
The worlds fall
Unbidden like a kiss

Like gentle rain
You turn into a storm
And bring much pain

I watch you roll
Across the sky
Taking toll

On earth and heaven
But as you thunder
You miss the chevon

You hunger and thirst
But you lack love
Which is worst

An angry hand
Raised to the high places
You no longer command

You fell to my home
And you cry
But you are not alone

Though you know
You will never return
You must go

Fairwell demon friend
When you find home
A postcard send
 Oct 2015 XvA
Raghu Menon
Oh Dear River
How many faces do you have?

The pleasant calm face
With the undulating waves

The happy face
with the life thriving inside you?

The playful face with the Kids
Swimming in the river?

The vibrant face
During the downpour?

The kind face
Blessing the dark thin fishermen?


The sad face
With the dark effluents let in to you
By the greedy industries?

Or the pale face
With your inflows being reduced
due to the catchments
being encroached
by the real estate mafia?

Or the angry face
With the ***** politicians and thieves
Who plunder your sand
And destroy not only you
But the livelihoods
of the poor farmers and
the water resources of the people?

Oh Dear River
How many faces do you have?

Don't be angry with us humans
because we don't care for anybody

We live only today
and we don't care for tomorrow
nor do we care about
our children of tomorrow.

We are the only inhuman species
On this earth and we wrongly
Call ourselves
As Humane beings..
 Oct 2015 XvA
Raghu Menon
 Oct 2015 XvA
Raghu Menon
I like the dark
The dark skies
The dark ocean
The dark forests
The dark soils
The dark nights
If there were no dark
We will never understand
The meaning and value
of Light..
 Oct 2015 XvA
Alana S
I’m never sure. it’s sad. I know.
I want to be honest.
sometimes I’m too honest, honestly,
and in the wrong way. the worst way.
I want to be good. good at something
anything, really. I don’t know what.
maybe I’d be a good barista
or a good waitress. I don’t know.
sushi chef maybe? is that even
something that I’d want to do?
I hate when people say they do
“computers”. That’s not even DOING
something. That’s just a noun.
Can I say I do “books”??
Is your job too complicated to
explain to simple old me?
I need to work on being logical
with my heart. I need to start
believing in chances. I have a
poet’s eye, so why can’t I have
her ever-breaking heart? her
softasskin soul? her longing for
cold winters and sunbright lemonaid
her love of love?
I have a bitter feel of love. it’s
twisted into a harsh hatred. It’s
eaten by doubt. It doesn’t smile,
it blushes, it hides. I need to
re-coax love into existence.
so that when it opens up, it
recreates the boundaries
of safety that I so crave.
I want to be the fearless poet
that Frost examines in his woods
I want the flawed ***-ful poet
that Bukowski loves to paint
I want the darkest raven-breasted poet
that Poe tearfully wrote
or I want to be my own poet,
lost in thick dusty second-hand
bookstores, full of soggy stories
too heavy sometimes
to re-tell.
 Oct 2015 XvA
Raghu Menon
 Oct 2015 XvA
Raghu Menon
Death ?

Is it just the process where your body stops functioning?
Your heart stops beating,
Your lungs stop contracting and expanding
Your brain stops the processing of signals
Your blood stops gushing through the highways and narrow roads within our body?
Your memory wades away and is erased forever?
Your senses make no sense?
Your body starts losing its heat and starts cooling down?
You yourselves sliding into a sleep from which you never comes back?

What happens to  “us”, “our” knowledge?
The feeling of “me” and “mine” ?
Our feeling  of this universe, the science, the philosophy?
The values that we have given to things, people, cultures?
Our view points, our process of putting things to its perspective?
Our interactions with people close and far?
Our love and affection to people  and theirs to us?
What happens to these rather complicated web of interconnectedness?
Is it that only our link gets cut when we die?
What happens to the energy between  me and the rest?

May be we have lived our lives.
We have done what we could have done
Or may be we have left some gaps which others may fill or leave
May be things would be better with out us being there
When others try to fill our space, they do it better
And if we can be an inspiration to them,
If we can be a cause for others to do things
May be we live through them
Our thoughts will live in them
And we live again

It is immaterial whether we live or not
For, things will get done the way it should be done
Either for good or bad
If we can be part of a vibe, part of a collective
Part of a movement
Which strives for a common good,
And if we can contribute in whichever small means and ways
The common vibe that is generated from the good energies  of a group
Then we live, even after our death
The values that we lived for
Will continue to grow and lead the world
For a better cause, for a better world
For a good today
For a brighter tomorrow
 Oct 2015 XvA
Ananya Nagar
तुम्हारे होने का अहसास
मुझे जीवित रखता है ...
मैं जिंदा हूँ  ....

टूटी रीढ़ की हड्डी ...
बैसाखी के सहारे चलती
इस काया  को संभाले
आगे बढ़ता मैं
मैं जिंदा हूँ  .....

तुम मुझे कुचल दो  ...
तुम मुझे अंधेरो में
कच्चे पथरीले रास्तो पे
अकेला छोड़ दो ...
जहां मैं खुद को भूल जाऊं ....
अँधियारा गहरा पाऊं
फिर भी कहूँगा ये .....
मैं जिंदा हूँ ......

तुमसे बिछड कर
मुझे सांस लेना मुश्किल लगता है ....
फिर भी
बस तुम्हारे लिए

मैं जिंदा हूँ .......
 Oct 2015 XvA
Pastell dichter
 Oct 2015 XvA
Pastell dichter
your dark is so different than mine
mine is welcoming and safe
my dark is home
you said once that you are afraid of your dark
and what it lets you do to your self
I hate that I can't wrap you up in my dark
and hold you,
safe and warm
i don't really know where this came from
 Oct 2015 XvA
Vicki Acquah
If you want to
Play and not stay.                                                                                                      
Then get out of my way.
If you see me smiling
In my sleep;
That means,
I am dreaming
And enjoying my dream.
If you are not sincere enough
To sweetened my reality...,.
With good intentions
I will excuse
Your intervention.

But do not arouse
My love in vain.
If you want to
Play and not stay
Please spare me the
Pain of your sick little game,
Leave me contented
In my dreams again.!
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