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I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

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 Jun 2018 aryanalynae
i can't stop.
my leather journal
can't contain all your words.
i see you everywhere,
glistening in balloons
of shine.
our memories ghost me so.
everything we've ever wanted,
ever needed.
whichever route i took
would lead me the
same direction.
we were always meant to say goodbye,
and i am long gone.
but tell me why you're further.
the soil had left your fingernails
on the first chapter,
and i can't stop.
i see you everywhere.
i miss you, it's true
i miss you, i do
i've tried hard not to
but it's all i can do

there's a yearning in my soul
it's aching for yours
but you're so far away
and i can't reach you
 Jun 2018 aryanalynae
Almost believed the girl when she said
she missed me
but she's not making an effort to talk to me
and thats okay cause i wouldn't talk to me either
i just wish she wouldn't have said she missed me
it's all i've been thinking about
 Jun 2018 aryanalynae
 Jun 2018 aryanalynae
i show the sugar
of my smile
so you
notice the
salt dripping
down my eyes
 Jun 2018 aryanalynae
Emma K
 Jun 2018 aryanalynae
Emma K
if i cried myself a river
i would build a boat
and sail away
 Jun 2018 aryanalynae
Panda Boy
You keep dreaming about a fantasy,
Dancing on the edge of reality
But there's one thing you can't see;
I don't have abs or good looks,
I play video games, I don't read books.

But if you love me the same way I see the beauty in you.
Being pretty is one thing but that's something any girl can do.

If you feel bad, that's good.
Give your heart a moment,
And focus on what he should do;
It's not for him, it's not about you.

They look at me like I'm mad;
It's all the frustration from being sad.
A memory of intensity blinks across this mind and a broken mirror Reflects a distant affection that was once for you.
Lower Your Expectations
 Jun 2018 aryanalynae
no hiding
 Jun 2018 aryanalynae
sometimes i visit a place
where the fire always burns,
and the sun never fades.

a world
where my words
cut invisible scars
that only bleed when no one's looking.

a land
with mile-wide canyons
that shelter a dark abyss,
one which can curl its smoky whispers
and turn any heart against its soul.

a locale
with double-edged mirrors
that hold truths too harsh
for the ordinary beauty of reality.

sometimes i visit a place
fueled by the flames
and stretched wide with darkness,
where no one can hide
from that ugly inside.
i'm sorry. my words sometimes flow too easily from my head, but i swear they didn't come from my heart.
one of my friends told me
'you look different.'

At first,
I didn't take note;
I was messed up and it's just one of those things;
I didn't have my glasses
and my hair looked different to how I usually style it.
'no,' she said, 'it's not that...'
then I heard it again;
'you look different.'

I didn't know what else to say but;
'that's the second time I've heard that this morning! ha ha',
laughing off the funny coincidence.
I asked her what was different,
but she too couldn't say...

No one could tell me what it was,
but everyone I asked,
they all said it,
all of my closest friends
and someone I barely know anymore.

'you look different.'

I was talking to my friend about it,
when I jokingly said;
'well maybe I'm just happier than usual! ha ha'
but she looked kinda sad.
My other friend said
'wait, relax your face',
so I did.
'yeah, that's it!'

'you look different.'

'no,' I thought 'you just aren't used to seeing me happy'
this has been my day, it was way above average, so even though this happened, I really had a great day. I hope you guys can say that you laughed as much as I did :)
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