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  Aug 2019 megan catcher
Things are constantly changing
But these scars on my skin make me feel better
Because even if everything else falls apart
I know they're always there for me
  Sep 2016 megan catcher
It was January when I met you
February when we kissed
March was the time it was all full of bliss
April we went to the beach together
May i took you home to meet my mother
June we walked in the park everyday
July we went and watched the parade play
August was our first serious fight
September you stopped coming over at night
October I asked if we were okay
November it was freezing everyday
December we went our separate ways
It is January and I met you again today
Thank you
  Dec 2015 megan catcher
through her eyes
her pain reflects onto me
her untold lost dreams
that were never given life

through her face
a blank canvas
fixed in another planet
struggling to confront her decisions

through her voice
my voice illuminates
singing her songs
of things lost in the past

stories that shatter the glass
breaking the surface against the rubble
she quakes in fear to tell the truth
but how can she be this mute?
don't settle in life. you'll end up waking up one day realising you've been lying to yourself for years, while your children try to understand why you are not alike.
My god she's beautiful, with those ever perfect lips,
through which in my dreams my tongue, effortlessly slips.
My god she is so funny, with the way she makes me smile,
her every witty comment, leaves me laughing for a while.
My god she is so perfect, in every single way,
and oh how I wish she knew, that she always makes my day.
Don't Leave Me
I beg you
Please don't leave me
I want to clutch your shirt
I want to wrap my arms around your ribs
So I can feel them extend with each breath you take
I need your heat
And to fall asleep with my face hidden in your neck
Just for a moment I might not feel so *alone

Your name should grace my lips
While I feel your skin against my fingertips
Inside I'm screaming for you to return
Apologizing that it took so long for me to miss you
Please don't leave me
Please don't leave me
At least, not completely.
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