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Andre Baez May 2015
Now let me tell you something 

If you fall in love with a poet,
you're going to go through some things

You are going to be the canvas and the paint with which a poet will provide images of a person to immortalize past space and time
You will be a moment captured to replay and rewind, even after you die you will remain live
Whether it be spoken word or written pages of books describing you, people will know you through the poets eyes
You will be the Pharaoh needed by all man-kind or the dictator, hate mongering,  a beast to despise

And this might be too much for you to handle
You will be both dismantled and held as if fragile
You will find we are the greatest of written down actors
Always reliving our moments with you, enraptured by the mood you've provided, it's true

You may think us to be the most beautiful and eloquent of speakers to grace your ears
But you may also find us to be poetic in our anger and momentary bitterness and feel fear
Because a poets tears staining a page with a pen is where pain can breathe in
And breathe out through word of mouth to clear the soul out

If you fall in love with a poet there are a few things you must know

We are the greatest observers of people or situations or emotions or all the above
We are the Warriors with scars held deep enough to contain a thousand floods
We are the creative and demonstrative Kings and Queens of knowing what's up
We are the undisputed Champs of knowing when to push and how to shove

It's all love

It's just that sometimes thoughts can overflow and spill from the jug hoping to water your gardens or harness the things you hold within and hold back never letting us contact the things so discrete that you never want us to repeat because you're afraid we'll rewrite your story to fill a void but you must realize you are part of our voice and we have no choice but to make right what we write without a disguise we are naked and alone up here in the spotlight be it during the day or the nighttime and I don't know about them but I know about me and I won't change any bodies story I will only explain the parts involving me and our planted seeds but just because I may be venting doesn't mean I don't love you because if you pay close attention you'll see yourself littered in the language I speak

Now let me tell you something

Poets make the best lovers


Because we've already written a poem about your smile and every corner of your body as we learn about your mind and put the two together to have a good time

We've already built the mountain and erased the ocean and back-flipped into space and unplugged the sun and replaced it with you because you shine

We've already embarked on the quest and saved the princess and digested any illness and are free of ill will and thus embrace you in kind

We won't stop until you feel the imagery coming from the words we speak so that the ****** you reach matches the things we preach as the bed creaks

And this is something I must repeat

If you fall in love with a poet, you're going to go through some things

But let me tell you this

If I write a poem about you

It's going to be you with the title of Pharaoh
And it's going to be you I speak to once I'm finished up here
It's going to be you, my partner on this path so narrow
Girl, it's going to be you that I consider my muse

And I appreciate that so **** much

I just wanted you to know that and hold that thought close

Because I want to fall in love with a poet

A poet like you...

Now wouldn't that be cool?
This is for you. - g.r.
Andre Baez Sep 2014
Who knew falling in love could lead
me to forget about my suicide

And then falling out of love made me bleed more than ever in my life

A soul that lives in person can't make it through a lonely night

Pieces of me have left, through and through, I have lost my mind

Is falling in love the disease or the cure that's fallen from my sights

Cruising the streets with speakers banging through the night

I wish I felt it like you say you feel on yourself when the street lights

A rosary isn't holding me down whenever I try to fight

They say alcohol dependency is for the weaklings of this life

Of that and drug abuse I'm absolutely terrified

That once I fall through the cracks there's no coming back to life

I've been doing wrong so long I'm not sure what it means to do right

I wish I was like beautiful people birthed into the very light

That people say they see when they meet their destiny and die

I never saw God when I saw a bullet make a body fly

A halo wasn't helping and no Angels came from the cloudy sky

From my first breath I've been breathing in millions of lies

Within those lies truth has been told through my own lines

Around blocks and corners stretching past your heart and mine

But who will grasp the truth when the night has made us blind

The rich take elevators while the poor have ladders to climb

And they wonder why the average person can't make it to work on time

They tether us to sinking bricks and wonder why we can't escape the bind

As least we all found love before believing in our hope of genocide

Who knew falling in love could overmatch my hate of wealthy whites

Temporarily looking into her eyes can make me forget all of my plights

But when I saw her fall out of the sky like a bullet riddled kite

My heart cut in half along with hers you can't distinguish if hers is mine

Playing Brother Ali as my hope shatters leaving me behind

The shards of glass that hold my hate have entered into my eyes

So afraid to lose my mind but instead I lost the sun that shines

My body is an empty marker left to attach a sullen shrine

The music and the loss and the tears, tear through my will to fight

My daughter, innocence, deserved better in her final light

Who knew losing my love would lead me back to my thoughts of suicide

Every day I breathe is another day of do or die

I never prayed, but please God, save me from my poor design

Being alive in this world is too often seen as a crime

Being alive in this world is only a matter of time

Staying aligned is simply a matter of hope or fly

Staying alive is a master of matter holding back the sky

Join me as I say goodbye to my innocent little kite

If all memories fade in time feel free to let go and push me to the side

Real love lives freely outside until death returns home to the inside

While rain falls as I collect my pen and paper and begin to write...
Andre Baez Jul 2014
You're my soulmate, it doesn't mean that we're lovers, it doesn't mean we're family, it means we complete each other
If the other stuff comes true, it's part of what's due, truthfully I don't mind being apart of you
Not all consuming your heart, just a branch, or a twig, maybe even some leaves or bark
It's a start, and that's all I need, I've long been dispelled by notions of greed to feed me
Sit down and eat with me and I'll laugh with you, take a part of my soul, and I'll take part of you
Even if it's a simple image on my screen, it's the picture of you, which fills up my dreams
I'm an open canister, and you're my lovely banner, never tempered by tantrums
You hold my heart ransom, in the light with my soul, never give me up for some silver or gold
Likewise I carry your heart in tow, I own the greatest prize, so what the hell is silver and gold?
Andre Baez Jun 2014
I never knew what it meant to be loved
Until, I met you, on a whim, in a school bus
From that little seed would be planted a bud
Which would bloom into a tree pulsating with blood
Flowing within and outwardly between two hearts
Those beats would move off sound to unison
Playing like the plastic drum players in the park
Moving swiftly and shifting so quickly
Ups and downs and rounds of being sickly

Never to the breaking point where the end was a fixture
But enough times where it was close enough to edit the picture
Tears and thoughts of suicide often entered my mind
But I never went through with it, it was faulty by design
I never wanted to leave you behind
Alone to find my body when day meets night
It's just the thoughts that overcome my imagination
One within my soul as a rose bud forsaken
I often told you I wished to die at age 25
Because anything after would be disappointing in life
No hope for the future would often be my confession
However it would conflict with our hearts message
How can I dream of my demise every night
And speak of the names we will label our kids with time
One simply can't live in close proximity to the other
The center can't be inside a box tethered
It takes supplies, plans, and prayer to weather this storm
Wether we like it or not change comes in all forms
With it came shallow lies and deception
Our branches began to grow in different directions
Scraping a different sky, embracing different horizons
Shaping different lives, and creating different climates
We came to know nothing of each other, just small talk
Knowing our past fears, but lost all current dreams in the fall

Through an atmosphere containing shattered glass
Which left veins protruding from our mass
Little pieces of ourselves flying every which way
Leads others to believe we're a source of decay
A rotting corpse that was naive enough to love
Now transforms the landscape into pools of blood
Visions of Cleopatra living beside me shattered
Meanwhile she left a harsh token in the form of Jackals
I'm always labeled by her and she's labeled by me
We can't be seen without others causing a scene
"Where is... So and so... ?"
Oh you know, out there doing... Whatever, you know?

In our minds we know better, but our hearts cling to each other
Even if someone is better, there really is no better
A Prince Charming with self esteem issues
And a Princess with a penchant for tissues
Seem to be the only pieces that fit the other
In a grande puzzle scaled to human culture
Where the puppet master knows the form and order
And the grand masters play each piece with a motive
They chose to place these two pieces to scale together
No mistakes, what's meant to be, will happen.
Andre Baez May 2014
The is a love letter to my friend
At one point was my very best friend
Actually, maybe was my only friend
Either way let me start with my pen...

The look in your eyes when I would pass on by
Always seemed to coincide with how you felt inside
And as time went on and we have grown
The looks changed from fiery to cool as ice
Which is cool I know how changes come and go
And sometimes we need additional spice in life
But it wasn't cool when I noticed your eyes
Capturing a picture of another and the glimmer that shined
Not that it meant that we were a wreck, just a simple mess
Something that could cleaned up with Kleenex and windex
Yet I digress, I just want to get undressed
And lay naked in front of you without having stress
But it seems my naked body has lost your cause
Whenever you see it, it seems to make you pause
It's not that I'm forcing you into ****** actions
I'm just wondering, the sparks that flew, what happened?
Was it a meltdown from a chemical reaction?
Or was my inaction enough to make you want to laugh
At my sad clown, bad clown, I'm a fool act
Spread apart and maybe the closer we'll grow
Or the unique directions mean a unique place to explore
Either way, it's just how it goes
I feel you in my heart, I trust you with my soul
If you leave me, I understand the show
The jokes on me, yeah I already know

What's up my brother?
Word, to my spiritual partner
We promised to always come to each other
Growing up it was us and no one other
Lately though, it seems that we've been growing apart
Life took you down south and I've stayed in a rut
But whenever we've seen each other it's been on
Talking, playing games, just plain having fun
Later on though people stepped to me with complaints
Seems you lied on me and drove the bus over my face
It's cool, just wish you would've come to me first
So I could explain situations before a new one burst
On to the scene you always come through
Acting like everything is right and brand new
And you were right because you lost me
Not as a brother, but more as cavalry
You'll have to rely on yourself and them for back up now
Our undying space is kinda of lost in the town
Like a piece of paper promoting The Lord and Savior
Changing hue and losing former meaning, sacred  
Either way, it's just how it goes
I feel you in my heart, but I can't trust you anymore  
You left me, and  I understand the show
The jokes on me, yeah I already know

For my parents, ever the growing wiser
Except for times when you can't see past your own visor
When I was a child I would see y'all and light up
Lately when I catch a view, I just want to light up
But you know your baby boy doesn't do drugs
Yet you'll accuse me of several things that I'm not
Say that I'm an addict of other vices and need care
I'd rather not have you nagging me while rolling my wheel chair
Truthfully, if this is what the scenario would entail
I'd gladly roll on by and throw myself down the stairs
Just so I don't have to be miserable with you
Misery needs company and I'm walking out of view
Out of sight is out of mind, that's the way of you two
A black and white world can't coexist for you
I still have dreams and am a child of ambition
All you say to me is things like, "this world isn't good to raise kids in!"
Constant with the negativity
We can't even speak without a referee
Too confused with impossible movement
When y'all told me to move out I told y'all to move it!
The true impossible dream is to ever come together and be serene
It's as likely as the Generals beating the Harlem team
No matter the mental illness or disease y'all claim of me
A poets love and life is my way of harvest and feed
Either way, it's just how it goes
I feel you in my heart, but I can't tell you about my soul
I left you both, because I understand the show
The jokes on y'all now, and maybe one day you'll know

Everyday there's a joke
A time to cry and a time to have hope
Laugh out loud, whether you're rich or broke
Laugh out loud and let everyone know

Everyday there's a joke
A time to cry and a time to have hope
Laugh out loud, whether you're rich or broke
Laugh out loud and let everyone know

The is a love letter to my friend
At one point was my very best friend
Actually, maybe was my only friend
Either way let me end it how it began...
Andre Baez Apr 2014
Is it the physical attraction
Which lures you into
Her love, or her trap
The lust wrapped in
A shrouding shade
Of displaced love
Not meant for her
But given not knowing
How true she is
To him and his whims
For she's innocent
And he is adolescent
Foolish... Child.
Andre Baez Apr 2014
You say to cherish the moments we have together

Even when they are clearly imagination

A portrait of what we should be

But not of what we are

We are a love crushed and thrown into the wind

To be spread apart and around with water and sand

You say that I should be happy to be spending another night next to you

My first inclination is to agree; however, why should I?

A temporary sleep is nothing to the daily shifts of work called life

Sleeping next to a beauty means nothing to me

If she flees from the nest once dawn arrives

A pretend game, show and tell, truth or dare

These are the premises of our current affair

You told me you loved me back more than three years ago

That was the day that gave birth to my definition of love

Which, since then, had been the 5'3", hard headed, easily frightened, highly motivated, shapely bodied, truthful and faithful (mostly), never lazy, mostly hastily, moving rapidly, lovely catastrophe, and black beauty, which you have always embodied

This is still my definition, but now I'm wondering if the thesaurus has any synonyms to offer me

As much as it's it's hard for me to turn a page ending the word play that has influenced my life since I was sixteen

As a twenty year old man, I must say, it's hard to keep a steady hand off the page

Moreover, Investigations into your movements are made by me daily

Yet never to avail, these fruits are not stationed for the picking

Even if they were, they would be a sturdy shell for a rotten core

For that is where the heart collapses

Your heart, and it's love for me

Not without reason, and not completely forgotten, as you ask me if I'd like some pizza

However the delivery man, never delivered anything to me that I couldn't have obtained by myself

Way back when I looked to you to deliver me from myself

Knowing that is a fools desire and an even bigger fools conquest

We are lost in usefulness but high in meaning like Latin

Maybe some great magician will appear and grant us a perfect match and happy separation

But I doubt it, just as I doubt the curled lips of your smile, as you ask me about my day.
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