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allure Apr 2019
I was going to write you
a poem
but our love is

allure Feb 2019
she staggered to the beach
her toes in the sand
flowers in her hair
and a drink in her hand
she dipped in the water
much too cold
just like her heart after what she'd been told
she swam until his name she'd forget
her thoughts began to skip like a worn out cassette
so in the ocean
she decided to stay
and let the rippling waves
carry her away

allure Feb 2019
I thought I saw the best in you
but you brought out the worst in me
I thought you were what I wanted
but you were nothing near what I needed
love and infatuation are two different things
and obviously we weren't on the same page
I was the front page headline
and you were in the comics
your games and lies that made me cry
now lie in the obituaries
just like my feelings for you

allure Feb 2019
When my eyes meet yours
I see more than just those chocolate emerald irises
there is not just a twinkle
but an entire galaxy
light years away from our own

allure Feb 2019
Once a little girl
with chocolate eyes
full of bright determination
and so full of tries
opportunities taken from the left and the right
she had so much delight
"You are so bright"
"You'll go far"
"C'mon girl, you know you're a star"
but sometimes you get taken by surprise
and all of a sudden
problems begin to arise
out of nowhere you can't seem to get out of bed
you can't sleep at night due to thoughts in your head
your mind starts to race
like a horse on the track
but instead of running forward
this ones running back
so fast you can't catch him
you're fate's looking grim
your cup was once filled up to the brim
now running on empty
but cannot give up
because soon, my love
you will grow up
almost too fast
but one day
you'll see
you'll be able to say
take that, world,
I am me.
and I am okay.

This is a poem about Mental Health, coming from a personal perspective.
Remember, it always gets better. Things take time, and everything happens for a reason. When one door closes, another opens. You just need to find your door!
allure Feb 2019
I write until my fingertips bleed
from pouring my coffee-stained thoughts onto the page
through my veins
I carry creativity
for so long in which I have kept in captivity
to avoid negativity
but I feel as though
my words need to be shared
my blood was meant to flow
the garden in my brain
is of plants in full bloom
while the vessel I'm in
is sat in my room
with a laptop
and a tea
for this is me
a writer at heart and a writer meant to be

allure Feb 2019
love is
when someones lips taste like home
when their touch is comfort
and you see a bit of yourself in their eyes

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