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clever Jul 31
i would give anything to feel okay just one more time.
Apr 13 · 100
hood angels
clever Apr 13
i only wonder if you had been raised a little different
would you love a little different now
but i like your love just how it is
Mar 18 · 110
clever Mar 18
i dreamt of you last night
but it turned nightmare by the morning.
Feb 21 · 210
jayden michael
clever Feb 21
now you and i are nothing,
which is at least something,
because they say nothing lasts forever.

and all i ever wanted was forever with you.
i gave you everything that i was but somehow i always seem to come up just a little too short every time.
Feb 21 · 608
running with scissors
clever Feb 21
when the only thing that i know is what i'm not,
i think it's well past time for me to go
Feb 21 · 91
swan dive
clever Feb 21
head rush, you were my drug
then i fell in love and it killed me
right off of the overpass
Feb 17 · 187
summer love in january.
clever Feb 17
you were my world and i spent my days
spinning circles around you.
i just wish i could've prepared for the cold
before i remembered that seasons change.
clever Feb 17
i always wanted to die in the summer
when only three of my friends still knew my name
hit by a car or lightning, something or other
and not by this *****, self-induced shame
Feb 13 · 134
deep south
clever Feb 13
my clothes on the floor, sitting here in your bed
trying to find a way to disappear.
and i'm trying to run and i'm trying to leave
but somehow you just keep me stuck here.
Feb 12 · 61
a triple threat
clever Feb 12
i know how your love feels.
i know how much i want you.
most importantly, i know where i am not wanted.

and i beg that you do not forget.
set out to absolutely demolish any sense of security that i ever had.
Feb 8 · 260
drops for the ocean
clever Feb 8
sometimes i cry.
i cry until i have no tears left and my voice has long left me.
i sob until it feels like my lungs collapse.

(similarly to the world that i built with you in my head)
only you have ever made me cry myself to sleep
Feb 5 · 556
clever Feb 5
the beautiful way in which you offer up the world to me
makes me want to take it simply so i can give it back to you.
you're my everything
clever Jan 7
you spill an ocean of secrets
hoping that i can keep it for you
hold me down
and hope i won't drown
not just meant for us.
Dec 2019 · 94
the obituary of us
clever Dec 2019
just this time
i thought that i’d done everything right
i stayed on the phone
and we’d talk through the night
but now i know that it just wasn’t us
and while i wanted love
all that you know is lust
i could teach you,
could show you my cards
show you giving it up isn’t hard
but to give up yourself takes it all
to jump off the edge and simply

for the fall.
too bad you weren’t there to catch me
Dec 2019 · 70
love letters
clever Dec 2019
my whole life i’ve been learning how to write,
but no one ever taught me how to love you
so i guess it’s time to put it on paper
Dec 2019 · 168
clever Dec 2019
you see my scars, but they see my lies
you see my stars, but they just see my skies
Dec 2019 · 246
what's mine is yours
clever Dec 2019
it's not hard to be faithful,
but it's hard not to break someone's heart.
Dec 2019 · 152
i had everything
clever Dec 2019
except my heart because that belongs to you
but all of you is my everything,
so i guess it's really no difference.
Nov 2019 · 91
honeymoon phases
clever Nov 2019
on october the 26, your lips on mine tasted like malibu
that's about the only thing i know for sure about us
Nov 2019 · 450
i'm jealous of your love
clever Nov 2019
suddenly gravity isn't just a theory or a force,
but a friend that keeps me company,
keeps me grounded,
while i watch you, weightless


and prone to leaving me
the love i pray is mine.
clever Nov 2019
i don’t want to give you up but everything in my body is telling me that i have to.
i love you and i don’t want to be a burden because everything in my life is heavy.
i want to give you the chance to stay but i need to give you to opportunity to leave.
i think we need to talk.
i love you with every part of me and everything that i’ve ever done is coming back to haunt us and you could do so much better than everything that i am and maybe i need to let you know but please stay because i don’t know who i am without you by my side and in my head.
Nov 2019 · 195
will you be the last
clever Nov 2019
you taught me what it felt like to lose myself.
but now i'm bound to lose you too.
one i love
Sep 2019 · 368
say my name
clever Sep 2019
how can i reach for the stars
when you’re the only thing that lights up my life
Sep 2019 · 144
trust none
clever Sep 2019
we're not us anymore.
we're just you and me.
clever Sep 2019
in your arms with my head on your chest
Sep 2019 · 122
how i keep myself together
clever Sep 2019
i'll do you a favor and turn off my phone
cause if i'm honest, maybe i'm better off alone.
clever Sep 2019
i put out the lights, but somehow i forgot to close the blinds
so now i've got to see your face when it turns morning time
i made a mistake.
clever Sep 2019
you said you wanted to be next,
but you'll never be unless you learn to put me first
Sep 2019 · 675
clever Sep 2019
you say that you could replace me,
and i would believe you if,
when you said it,
you could look me in the eyes.
Sep 2019 · 207
don't lie to me
clever Sep 2019
the waves are over my head
but i don't even want to hold my breath
clever Aug 2019
you're not the only one trying to be the only one
even though i'm lonely, i've never got to be alone.
clever Aug 2019
you're walking on the edge even though you can't really walk.
i'm walking the line but i know we can't talk.
i just wish we could bury this before your casket.
Aug 2019 · 95
freak show
clever Aug 2019
here for one night only
and only for you
Aug 2019 · 599
love me
clever Aug 2019
i'm not looking for god,
but i'm down on my knees.
Aug 2019 · 144
what i need to know
clever Aug 2019
are you somebody's late night?
are you somebody's hold on tight?
are the 3am, at my window,
throwing rocks because you've got no other place to go?
are you the where it starts?
are you the where it ends?
the getting back together just to fall apart again?
just something i heard somewhere. thought maybe you needed to hear it too
Aug 2019 · 120
clever Aug 2019
i'm trying to change for the better,
but you were my better half
clever Aug 2019
because you're the whole reason that i'm not around
Aug 2019 · 128
october the twenty sixth
clever Aug 2019
but now all i can do is send up a prayer
that you won't leave me
when i leave him there
Aug 2019 · 292
one round good
clever Aug 2019
i drink cause i keep it bottled up
and another. and another.
Aug 2019 · 279
barely staying afloat
clever Aug 2019
saw you facing God in spite,
saw your face and got inspired
much less walking on water
clever Aug 2019
lately, it seems like all i want to do
is get high enough to fall for you.
Aug 2019 · 598
time and a half
clever Aug 2019
i put in overtime
stayed all night
just to leave with you
Aug 2019 · 133
burnt asf
clever Aug 2019
feelings fade and seasons change but
the question is did you
you've got me wasted
clever Jul 2019
they never really last...
fake chains and pretty boys, that is.
i like to keep them both wrapped around my fingers regardless
clever Jun 2019
she was looking for love in all the right places
but her mother said the devil can take many faces

she ruined herself but still loved him the same
choosing him over her own family name

she pleaded her innocence to no avail
so she sat and just watched her whole life derail

she lost her way in trying to find "the one"
she loved the thrill but chasing all of them is done
and then there were six.
Jun 2019 · 190
rlly real
clever Jun 2019
lately, i've been hearing that you wrote
someone else's name on your heart
but lord knows that all the sharpie in the world
couldn't cover up what i carved there
Jun 2019 · 96
a midnight kind of venom
clever Jun 2019
i want to roll my eyes so hard
that someone who likes to gamble
as much as you could
use them as game dice.
i hope you like snake eyes
clever Jun 2019
i wish the child-locks on medicine bottles
worked on people that don't have that childlike innocence
clever Jun 2019
i wonder how long it'll be until i'm finally okay
with everything never being able to be okay again
wherever i go
Jun 2019 · 156
power is power
clever Jun 2019
heavy is the crown, but only for the weak.
i suppose that i'm weak, then,
because without you i can't keep my head up.
the fire never goes out.
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