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adriana Mar 2018
It just rained
Puddles in the streets
Water falls down
adriana May 2018
she was the maker, he was her muse
a creative girl with everything to lose

she colored her canvas with her bleeding heart
she loved him and watched her world fall apart

she got her heart broken but kept a blank face
knowing that there are some mistakes you can't erase

she gave up her art, a lover betrayed
her pure white mind turned a darker shade.
And then there were seven.
8.2k · May 2019
insomnia insecurities
adriana May 2019
i'm losing friends like i'm losing sleep
apologies don't work, and neither do sheep
don't go, because i want you to stay
but don't lie to me, you're leaving someday
adriana Aug 2018
The blood of many, the salt stained pink
A girl sitting pretty on the brink
And, inhibitions aside, a body to sink
adriana Apr 2018
It's 11:32
I'm still waiting here for you
Made my way down city blocks
Ignoring people, kicking rocks
But you've reached the deadline
It's 11:59
And I'm still waiting.
2.0k · Apr 2018
it's too cold for this.
adriana Apr 2018
sometimes i find myself
somewhere i don't know
chasing fire with coffee
1.9k · Jul 2018
pretty white pills
adriana Jul 2018
i'm counting every sin
and trying to drown my pain in
benzos and cocktails
and it never really fails.
no one else has noticed i'm
never on time.
i'm always alone
or on my phone.
my speech a little slurred
and the roads a little blurred.
i cover up what i'm feeling
with meds meant for healing.
my intentions are clear
but the end's kinda near.
all 'cause i ended us.
it's cool af though.
i swear.
1.7k · Jul 2018
drive me home
adriana Jul 2018
you'll be the love of my life until my tan fades away,
then we'll walk through the halls and be strangers again
1.4k · Oct 2018
tongue in cheek
adriana Oct 2018
i want you to ruin my life
and even though i know it's wrong
i want you to make it all right
1.3k · Nov 2018
i did a bad thing.
adriana Nov 2018
my bloodlines have turned to fault lines
because of lines drawn in the sand.
1.2k · Jul 2018
You Are Here.
adriana Jul 2018
I’m preoccupied.
I’m busy trying to wash the feeling of your skin off of mine with tears of my very own.
I’m busy trying not to cry every time I think about you crying over me.
I’m busy drowning my sorrows in a few words too many and now it’s over.
Once and for all.

Here is where I find that there is no artistic way to break your heart.
1.0k · Nov 2018
adriana Nov 2018
i trade money for magic,
looking for ephemeral feelings with eternal damage.
and when you're not there to save me,
i keep taking codine to stop the saline.
and there's a few things i forgot to mention,
specifically every bad intention.
i drove for miles to find you
but in the end i found myself.
that, and a couple empty bottles of jack.
adriana Apr 2019
i've got a lot to tell you
about how maybe
our story wasn't made to be told.
898 · Aug 2018
when i am finished with you
adriana Aug 2018
you will be poetry wrapped in skin.
they will melt under your faded gaze.
the spaces between your lungs will be explored.
they will fall in love with the darkness behind your lips.
they will live in the familiarity of your movements.
i will have stripped you of everything that made you the same.
you will be nothing like the person before, for now you are art.
you are simply the words penned onto your bones.
you are a masterpiece in human form.
you made me write, and i made you beautiful.
when we are done, you are perfect.
you are poetry wrapped in skin when i am done.
when i am finished, you will be one of two things.
you will be broken, or you will be beauty.
i cannot let you be both.
adriana Aug 2019
you're not the only one trying to be the only one
even though i'm lonely, i've never got to be alone.
804 · Feb 2019
opposites attract
adriana Feb 2019
getting high without you isn't even getting high,
just feeling down because i know i'm at my lowest point.
but two wrongs made a right. at least for a little while.
804 · Sep 2019
adriana Sep 2019
you say that you could replace me,
and i would believe you if,
when you said it,
you could look me in the eyes.
754 · Jan 2019
the seven deadly sins
adriana Jan 2019
i don't really want to get with you,
but all i need is something to get me through.
739 · Mar 2021
i'd rather die
adriana Mar 2021
than feel this way inside.
i miss it when you loved only me.
686 · Aug 2019
love me
adriana Aug 2019
i'm not looking for god,
but i'm down on my knees.
659 · Aug 2019
time and a half
adriana Aug 2019
i put in overtime
stayed all night
just to leave with you
644 · Sep 2018
here we go again
adriana Sep 2018
all my friends all live in pretend
because heaven always has an end.
there are new stars in the sky
and everybody does what they like.
still, god can bless a world full of crime
so maybe he can still save mine.
bliss city
633 · Feb 2020
adriana Feb 2020
the beautiful way in which you offer up the world to me
makes me want to take it simply so i can give it back to you.
everything always
621 · Apr 2019
terror in a private room
adriana Apr 2019
hindsight is 20/20
and all i can see is you.
looking back...
adriana Apr 2018
the good days burn out like matches.
sparking sleepless nights and bad dreams.
the force of trying to start it again isn't
worth the ephemerality of its effect.
you never should've played with fire.
it's (i'm) nearly impossible to put out
once i'm started
adriana May 2018
The thing about time is that it doesn’t
Work for you.
Yours was bound to run out eventually.
It just happened to be sooner
Than you first expected.
It's time for it all to come out.
599 · Apr 2019
do or die
adriana Apr 2019
i was supposed to be running,
but i fell into your arms instead.
adriana Apr 2018
We climb power lines and play Titanic.
We go to parties, but only for the free food.
We sneak out to people watch at Walmart.
We're the whirlwind couple everyone dreams about.
We're what they don't show in movies.
569 · Nov 2019
i'm jealous of your love
adriana Nov 2019
suddenly gravity isn't just a theory or a force,
but a friend that keeps me company,
keeps me grounded,
while i watch you, weightless


and prone to leaving me
the love i pray is mine.
adriana Sep 2019
i put out the lights, but somehow i forgot to close the blinds
so now i've got to see your face when it turns morning time
adriana Mar 2018
I wanna die before I'm old.
I wanna chop off all my hair and dye it pink.
I wanna live in LA and go to art school.
I want the American dream that no one sees.
I wanna do dumb things with people I just met.
I wanna be a musician and play at bars with my band.
I wanna go to the beach at midnight and dance.
I wanna live while I can.
I wanna make it through the night.
I don't feel like this is a big deal... but I'm gonna do it anyways.
adriana Jul 2018
we're breathless 'cause we're always chasing us.
running this town then burning it down.
smoke in our lungs and heat on our skin.
both of us the same.
both of us insane.
544 · Nov 2018
corruption and contusions
adriana Nov 2018
i down the whole bottle before the sun's in the sky.
the way i live is the way that i lie.
i'm fighting the lows by staying high.
but its better if you never know why.
adriana Mar 2018
It started out fine
But then one played the game

So we all walked the line
And then none were the same

Still we missed every sign
Ten more victims to maim

My mind wasn’t mine
We had become
The girls with no name
Wanna hear how we all fell apart? Once upon a time, there was ten.
adriana Jan 2019
i'm working the game,
but you stay working me.
none of you are the same,
but i'll still take all three.
one offered me chick-fil-a after. the next only knows how to make pancakes. the third only ever eats captain crunch. nonetheless, i wouldn't mind waking up to any of you the morning after.
adriana May 2018
Maybe the big picture isn't as pretty when you
You can see how the colors have bled,
How the paint has chipped,
How the colors have faded.
Then, no one wants to look at the details.
They just want to see the pretty.
The distance-blurred scenery.
The seemingly sharp lines
And the seemingly vivid colors,
But the harsh reality is that nothing is pretty
When you look a little deeper
Or search a little harder
Because only then can you see
How messed up everything really is.
adriana Dec 2018
my prince has died trying to slay my dragons,
dragons that keep me up at night.
his head is at my feet and his sword is in my hand.
instead of living in a world in need of a savior,
i suppose it is time for me to save myself.
only for that of sacrifice.
514 · Apr 2019
misting up the rearview
adriana Apr 2019
all i want is you, baby,
but you're three hundred miles away.
that, and...
we're over now.
adriana Jun 2018
i've bitten my tongue so much
that it bleeds because it stops me from talking,
helps to keep the peace.
it stains my lips red as a reminder
that your words can start wars,
hurting those around you and
leaving destruction in their wake.
for what is the worth of the blood of one
when it has saved the lives of many?
You impacted me in a way I can't put into words. You saved me, but, in the end, no one could save you. I'm sorry this is how your story had to end. You'll live on.      r.i.p. xxxtentacion
adriana May 2018
We tried so hard to escape.
I guess my heart got caught on the barbed wire.
I sat on the fence and watched you leave, watched you leave me behind.
My fingers locked in the chain link, my body paralyzed by the spotlights.
I’ll always be locked up in you.
487 · Jul 2018
Bleach pt. 3.
adriana Jul 2018
Cabo San Lucas.
Gratefully dead.
You in my head.
you're about to catch that flight, said you wanna wait on me. told you i'd been up all night, but it's better not to wait on me.
480 · Apr 2018
tomorrow's yesterday night
adriana Apr 2018
i look at you and see myself
you feel like home
when the furniture's pushed back
we fill the space
slow dancing to silence
barefoot on the carpet
no good - harry hudson
adriana Jan 2019
a white picket fence and blue shutters
describes the house i see in my mind.
a quaint and childish fantasy,
with love blind and hands intertwined.
i left my shoes by the door
and i left that door unlocked.
you locked the door behind you
and didn't care enough to have knocked.
i built that house to have you in it,
and i wanted your shoes by the door.
but you don't bother with much of anything
and i can hear your steps against the floor.
then things get a little lonely
and you're the only one sleeping in the bed.
and i'm sitting on the hardwood because, well, actually, i forgot to imagine anything else in this godforsaken house except for that bed because i was too busy thinking of you.
things got a little lonely and they hurt a little more.
then i made an effort to run from you,
but my shoes were still by the door.
the pavement probably would've felt worse than the pain i endure from trying to love you. at least, it feels better to think of it that way.
adriana May 2018
I'm here.
I am no one in particular.
I am a face in a crowd.
I am charted waters.
I am covered ground.
I am blurring into the lines.
I am collapsing in on myself.
All that I have left is my name.
I am not struggling.
I am not in love.
I am not fighting.
I am not feeling.
I am nothing but a name.
adriana Sep 2019
in your arms with my head on your chest
464 · Apr 2019
unlike you
adriana Apr 2019
i wanna be rich when i'm older
because at least a maserati
is gonna ride when things
go down
459 · Oct 2018
saturday night amnesia
adriana Oct 2018
you stay forever see through.
you say, "I can't read you".
all I need is you and nicotine.
a month ahead, got to keep it clean.
daytrip took it to ten, again
and it's not the same as it's ever been.
you wanna drink just a little more.
you want a hit until you hit the floor.
you wanna go until you can't anymore.
but i don't think i can anymore.
adriana Feb 2019
a lover?

a liar?
beauty is the beholder.
452 · Sep 2019
say my name
adriana Sep 2019
how can i reach for the stars
when you’re the only thing that lights up my life
445 · Feb 2019
finding favor.
adriana Feb 2019
i spend too much time on my makeup
to let you mess up my mascara.
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