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Aug 9 · 371
A Haiku: hug
Rupert Pip Aug 9
The first time we touched
was a hug to say goodbye;
my deepest regret.
Aug 4 · 3.2k
Rupert Pip Aug 4
You catch life
one tear at a time
to one day
fill an ocean.
I heard you liked short poems, so here's one for you.
Jul 26 · 258
Rupert Pip Jul 26
Watch the eyes!
The eyes are God in the head of man.
See them as they twist and shout, begging
just to be looked at. Glistening in wonderful
retreat as they roll off the back of a
lovers remark. Catch them as they fall
with a heavy heart or lift them as they smile
when your heart smiles too. Treat them as
a key into the world around us; live and
breathe through the sights and fend away
from prosthetic thoughts, thoughts, thoughts
that bounce around an empty mind. Those words
that beat a shade onto vibrant times. See the world
through coloured eyes, and watch nature leap
and frolic, enveloping your every essence, as
you brim a hearty half shaped moon across
your sinless face. This life, oh how it cheers,
watch it all, through two round *****, as it
moves, shapes and bends inside
two beautiful eyes.
This life, oh how it cheers
Jul 22 · 480
Rupert Pip Jul 22
I am an outbound train,
a passenger absorbed in the
comforts of your mind.
Your seatbelt holds me prisoner,
I am shackled to your presence,
chained to your tones,
addicted to you.
Let us ride to
the very
last stop,
to the
Jun 10 · 570
Rupert Pip Jun 10
Mark my words.
Meaningless exclamation
marks that hide the full
stops buried within.
Wishing good nights
and good mornings
like they ever had been;
Why do I lie to you?
to me?
May 14 · 128
Rupert Pip May 14
Extreme emotion
frowns in a pool
of self reflection.
Skin will shiver
and shake, freezing
with the ache of
winters scarred
affliction. What’s to
say about a world
where eyes tell lies
about a fruitful youth?
Perhaps it’s just a
laugh told up front
in the glass to a child
that never waves back
to say hello.
May 13 · 147
Rupert Pip May 13
I hate how much I’ve missed your face
despite how much you’ve changed.
I scroll and scroll for hours on end,
to no end, to find an end,
to only seeing your face
when the lights go off.
Apr 24 · 238
Cherry Blossom Sighs
Rupert Pip Apr 24
Under the gentle hug of a cherry blossom spring
She found herself while lost at sea.
Rain soaks through her precious skin
As the wooden raft rocks over violent waves.

‘Breathe…’ she murmurs to herself.
The cotton touch of grass wraps around her fingers.

Her mind snaps back to the terrible terrain.
Lost. Bewildered. Endangered.
Unsafe as those who hang from tall places,
as scared as those who beg to rich faces.

‘Breathe…’ she murmurs to herself.
The sun and moon exhale.
Their whispers kiss her lips.
Her body enveloped in natures tender care
While chemicals fight with angered cries.

The wooden planks break.
The sea removes her breath.
Drowning in the face of it all
While her lungs are filled with water.

‘Breathe…’ she murmurs to herself.
‘What’s wrong with here and now?’
A leaf falls down and greats her body.
Like a warm day,
She glows.
‘Breathe...’ she murmurs to herself.
Apr 18 · 148
Questions, questions.
Rupert Pip Apr 18
Do you still love me?
Are we falling out of time
like a match once struck
cries against pavement
slabs after one good use?
I wonder these things over
a round mug of black coffee.
Beans swept away by
a turning teaspoon.
Dissolving into one
lovely, jumbled mess.
I wonder, I wonder.
Rupert Pip Apr 11
Rising and falling
Breathing in and breathing out
Deeper and deeper.
Apr 10 · 535
Rupert Pip Apr 10
Bring me back summers
with open fires and laughter,
until then, shiver.
Mar 28 · 172
Rupert Pip Mar 28
In the morning rain
the birds sing their sweetest songs;
Melancholy howls.
A miserable haiku, for a miserable morning.
Mar 17 · 570
Rupert Pip Mar 17
I came to you with vicious cries
and overwhelming unknown.
For years you nurtured my tender
mind and helped for me to grow.

You’re the rock I lean against
when the mountain roads
stand tall. You’re the feathered pillow I
cry into, when oceans tides are raw.

You’ve come to me with coffee beans
and endless love sung in a mug.
You’ve seen me into better days
when worse ones have come forth.

You fought for me a sweeter life
when all around grew sour.
My tastebuds came to taste the
joy of earth within your power.

You needn’t hug with loving arms
when words wrapped me in warmth.
You brushed away the coldest days
and gave me your best coat.

Thanks for all the thoughts you’ve shared
and truths I’m not without.
Please don’t ever leave my side
you are my confidant.
For a man that changes my life, day in, day out.
Mar 16 · 528
Rupert Pip Mar 16
If I could travel back
through time
and space, what would
happen if I’d just turned

Would the world have opened
up and swallowed me whole?
Would you have leapt with
me and fall and fall?
We’d sing along the open roofs
at night alone when stars
would bloom. We’d curse our way
through empty streets and dance
until our hearts would meet.
Read the lines across my lips
and touch them with your
autumn bliss.
We’d run and run until
we fall, upon a bed in
lovers call.

Smiles and
laughs into the night, if only
I’d turned left, not right.
Mar 15 · 629
Rupert Pip Mar 15
In a world
where we’re guided by
paper and coins, may you be
judged by your words
and deeds; not by
the colour of your skin,
the threads on your
back, or the shoes on
your feet.
Rupert Pip Mar 13
Let me float as our lives
break the mould of plastic lies,
and brought me back to
open fires.

A glimpse of life,
the star scattered night,
laid flat out right in nature’s shrine.

What is this strife without
the fight? But in nature
we will confide.

Between the leaves of
ancient trees; distant
worlds with no concrete.

**** the life of roadside
dreams. Let’s sing for
worlds of hope and peace.
Between the busyness of western life, there are fields full of life yet to be explored.
Mar 11 · 310
Falling out.
Rupert Pip Mar 11
We haven’t laughed in so long.
We haven’t looked like we used
to look at one another for as long
as I can remember - we haven’t really
looked at all, in fact. I don’t know how
to keep loving you when I don’t love
Mar 8 · 243
Rupert Pip Mar 8
What is the day without the
sunlight? What is the dark
without moonlight?

What are we without us?
What am I without you?

Would I find myself like
a ragged dog dying out
on the road?

Would I find the solace on
a world away from a tattered

Do you wish for me to beg
for an undying lie to come
to light?

What is a rose without it's
thorns? What will I be in
a life that's not yours?
Mar 7 · 335
Winter Skin
Rupert Pip Mar 7
Warm water shatters
my winter skin.

A tumour of ice
cracks underground.

Steam breathes on
freezing ceiling tiles

and heat will rise and
rise and rise.
Oct 2019 · 456
Rupert Pip Oct 2019
Your glow irradiates the room,
it heats the cold,
it lights the dark.
watch me dance in the embers,
praying powerlessly,
wishing for warmth.
Oct 2019 · 532
Rupert Pip Oct 2019
These pumped up kids with
their sugar coated noses?
Minds supplied with
hand guns and prickeled roses?
Eating mushroom caps?
Raising tax? Running away
from office FAX
and paper stacks?
It’s a lie! We aren’t the
lazy generation of non-believers!
A drug ridden nation
of gamer streamers.
Who the **** said we don’t stand
for ****? We’re fighting
those that think that
climate heat is just a myth.
We ache for peace
in a world of
racist schemes
and broken dreams.
We’re out here aiming
so. much. higher.
When your mind is wired
by a narcissistic liar.
...And you say we ****?
Take a look around.
This world is changed
by those like us
that make a sound.
Oct 2019 · 296
sun and moon
Rupert Pip Oct 2019
True, we did not choose
The sun or even the moon
But both have their use.
Sep 2019 · 254
Rupert Pip Sep 2019
I thought I found it:
The answer to being human.
It came in a little heart-shaped box.
It told me to work hard and achieve my goals.
It told me to find people that love me,
and love them too.
It told me to get my head down early
and eat a colourful plate.
With all these boxes ticked,
I found glory in a greater life.
But still I found myself hurting.
I found brittle bones breaking.
I saw people bleed and break.
This, I found, is called being human.
To that, there is no cure.
But to treat life with a healthy smile,
and live out your days bringing smiles to others.
Now that, is being the most human of all.
Being human.
Aug 2019 · 885
Rupert Pip Aug 2019
While you laid and begged the world to change your life, I walked with two broken legs to change mine.
Only you can change your life.

(And yes, I still write poetry)
Jun 2019 · 353
Rupert Pip Jun 2019
Can I just sit here and dissolve
as a servant of life’s sour taste?
Absord the aches, the pains, the cold
and shiver as I wither away?
Jun 2019 · 444
Rupert Pip Jun 2019
For years I sat
watching four
disdain filled walls
close in on me
and grasp my lungs;
splintering the life
out of my body
with every perilous
second that passed.
It took my organs
to fail, and silence
the screaming engine
inside my chest
to begin to ponder
what it could possibly
be like to live,
rather than just
Walls came crashing down;
brick by miserable
******* brick.
My skin shone a
luminescent shade
as light christened
my being.
My bones ached
with a sudden yearning
to feel.
It was only
with one small
step did that sinister
song play it’s final note
and the whispering winds
of change
called out my name
in blissful rejoice.
My feet crashed
against the broken concrete
as I left the
past behind
and with that moment,
I could finally
Break free.
Jun 2019 · 506
A Fallen Leaf
Rupert Pip Jun 2019
Like fallen leaves we stay
dark and dancing upon the ground.
Stepped over; ignored.
A memory of natural creation.
A ghost of days gone by.

Once a burst of human creativity,
a glimpse of perpetual love and emotion now just an adverse memory
playing on a loop
with no hope of recreation
again and again and again.

Like fallen leaves we stay
decaying into the mists of time
picked up and dropped
Once beautiful.
Once alive.
Relationships come to an end and it’s nothing unordinary to reminisce on what it was before it finished; this poem is that thought process in action.

Written in 2014.
Still my Dad’s favorite poem of mine.
Jun 2019 · 1.2k
Light Years
Rupert Pip Jun 2019
I’d love to sit and talk
to you about the world,
the moon and the stars
but you’re as far
away from me as
I am from them.
Jun 2019 · 222
Rupert Pip Jun 2019
People are always going to shout
louder than you.
So quietly sing a peaceful song
and those who care to listen
will sing along too.
Enjoying life on your own terms.
May 2019 · 381
Rupert Pip May 2019
I cannot close my eyes at
night because where
there should be
black there
is you
May 2019 · 416
Rupert Pip May 2019
We don’t talk a lot
but when we do
I wish we did more
and I wish all the terrible things
that I did with her
I’d get to do with you
because you would
make them fantastic.
This one speaks for itself.
May 2019 · 289
movie nights
Rupert Pip May 2019
Restless hearts in rested seats
warming hugs in bedroom sheets.
Whispers hide in words so sweet
and laughs will lead our love to meet.
Dark rooms; loud films; hearts collide.
May 2019 · 517
Rupert Pip May 2019
They say home is where the head lies
but only when my head is laid
next to yours.
Rupert Pip Apr 2019
It’s been a lifetime since we last met
Years, in fact
Yet I could still swim inside the blues within your eyes,
An ocean valley of the deepest colours.
Or indulge myself on the tenderness of your lips,
like the loving arms of a mother holding her child.
Your smile breaks barriers between space and time;
your laugh shatters my heart in two.
You glow with the heat of the sun
and shine like the last time we kissed.
I said I’d always love you
and I always have.
Apr 2019 · 524
Rupert Pip Apr 2019
What is your masquerade of moving pictures now
that you’ve landed screen down on the floor?
Will you keep your mask as tied to your heart as you keep your cards close to your chest?
I’m beginning to think you don’t even know what lies beneath it anymore.
Would you recognise your own broken skin?
Lines naturally painted to your face?
Curves on your hips?
You were begging for so long to become a work of fiction - how does it feel to not exist?
To have become an echo of toxic vanity?
You filled in all the the cracks for all your followers to see
But now they see them all
As your world shatters
screen down on the floor.
In a world full of characters created online, what would happen if it all went away?

- Part of a project I’m working on.
Apr 2019 · 675
Adventures Calls
Rupert Pip Apr 2019
My heart yearns for adventure;
to explore the once unknown
and find a life indentured
to a love that lives on show.
Mar 2019 · 379
Rupert Pip Mar 2019
Show me worlds with a single glare
or take my hand and take me there.
Feed me life in a three course meal
with food that sings of something real.
Breath me in and savour the taste
I’d long to live in your embrace
Your world that’s full of love, my dear
let’s run away and leave life here.
Mar 2019 · 190
Rupert Pip Mar 2019
When I was younger; I didn’t have to capacity to appreciate all you did when you were the same age as me. Your mother saw red and drank away your life. So there you were, blowing out candles by yourself.

She found a man and pumped out two more. You didn’t want your sisters to endure the same fate as you, so you became a mother of two at thirteen. So there you were, giving up your younger years for them.

As you grew up, you married young and had a child of your own. Except, your ‘man’ beat you black and blue so you had to pluck up the courage to leave. And there you were, alone, doing what you could for your first son.

You went on to find love, but that marriage slipped away from you both. However, you now had me. So there you were, two sons, without a life again.

Your mother grew old and weak. Cancer flooded her body like the plague yet you still had the strength – despite everything – to give her all that she didn’t give you. So there you were, bold like a god, forgiving the devil.

I learned as I grew up that they don’t write stories about women like you. They don’t tell the tales of the courage you presented. They don’t write songs about you because you’re not wearing a cape. So here you are, older, wiser, better than ever.

Now that is a fighter, if I’ve ever heard of one. This is certainly something you’ll never see. But if you do, here I am saying you’re incredible. Thank you for everything.
Mar 2019 · 292
An ode to friendship
Rupert Pip Mar 2019
I haven’t seen any of you in months
but you still hug me like the last time we met.
You pick up where we left off
like I was never gone.
We smile and laugh like kids,
and face our battle of wits.
But please, just know I’m glad
we’ll all always be so strong.
Speaks for itself really, hard to know what I’d do without them.
Mar 2019 · 1.9k
w r i t e r ‘ s b l o c k
Rupert Pip Mar 2019
I can normally sit
and bleed words for hours
but lately when I cut
I can’t draw blood.
I guess they call this
writers block.
Mar 2019 · 143
Rupert Pip Mar 2019
I would love
for just one day
to wake up
and turn on the news
to see smiles
celebrating the wonders
of the human being.
The brilliance
of all that we accomplish;
of smiles;
of love;
of happiness;
of all the wonderful things
that people do every day.
But if I had never left my house
and had only seen life
for what they show us
then I’d never want to leave
the house
at all.
Feb 2019 · 610
Rupert Pip Feb 2019
The world stopped spinning
when I saw your face.
I could taste the hurt you left on my lips
when you left your lips on his.
I could feel the wound split and tear
as if your knife’s still in.
I could sense the burn from within my heart
to ask a thousand questions.
But all I did was sit and stare
and hurt
and ache
and wonder.
Feb 2019 · 244
Rupert Pip Feb 2019
The word
isn’t always heard right.
It doesn’t mean
nor wrong.
It might mean
or bold!
But above all else
it just means
Change isn't always a terrible thing; think optimistically.
Feb 2019 · 324
Rupert Pip Feb 2019
I see your deepest beauty when you pour.
When rain trickles to the floor.
When all you see is blood and gore
and hell just begs and begs for more.
All of our vanities just waltz away
and leave your pretty face so raw.
You are the most stripped back and natural when you're at your lowest. This is when you are the most beautiful.
Feb 2019 · 161
Rupert Pip Feb 2019
Learn to love yourself
and life will love you too.
Feb 2019 · 1.1k
mirror mirror
Rupert Pip Feb 2019
I appear fine
I appear
as a
Something some of us may be able to relate to.
Feb 2019 · 738
Free fall
Rupert Pip Feb 2019
You don’t just fall in love,
you get lost in it;
revel in it;
explore it.
You fight with it;
hate it;
then learn
to love it
all over again.
much like falling,
the only certain thing
with this madness
we call love
is that you must
hit the
one of these days
you’ll find someone
to catch you;
to be your net
       let you
     in complete
Jan 2019 · 239
Rupert Pip Jan 2019
What happened to
your younger years
being your best?
Because all I
see is sadness
here in my head.
Jan 2019 · 140
Worlds Apart
Rupert Pip Jan 2019
It was him
it was always him
that you were meant
to be with.

Not her,
never her.
She just filled
in the blanks.

But from the start,
from the very start,
it was you
that filled in his heart.

And always will
until the end
when your lives
are worlds apart.
Jan 2019 · 538
We Dance
Rupert Pip Jan 2019
Just as birds will sing.
Just as church bells ring.
Just as sad men say sad things.
We will dance alone
in this room engulfed in flames.

Watch as the woodwork falls.
As hellfire smothers the walls.
As our survival begs and crawls.
We’ll stay arms locked and eyes straight
as our duty has called.

We waltzed as the flames grew
heat surged against you
oh what danger we got into.
But love,
love always pulls through.
Overcoming great challenges is what makes love great.
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