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Raviha Hussain Jul 2018
Sometimes it's hard to
loose the one you love
For better and elegant
life to earn.
Circumstances do happens
Good and bad time together
Reward comes to those
who patiently preserve and control.
After prize and tight
we live happily and bright.
love and sacrifice to earn a beautiful life
Raviha Hussain Jul 2018
By my mother

I can face myself
sometimes I think that
why the people are overthink
The world is temporary not permanent
If we think about resurrection
but nobody has feeling and emotions
everything is destroyed and messed
I am alone with loneliness

We should spread the message of love
love gives us range above
why are people going in vain
I think, I might wait..........
I am alone with loneliness
A poem by my mother.
Raviha Hussain Jul 2018
She was a lonely as alone to her seed
flying aimlessly to see,
to see where she could live
because the earth was annihilated

Maybe the moon can show her to escape
she wandered and sat back to sky reshape
ambitious to her future and land to moon
She seems so happy and moody

Moon can talk, said she
the moon of obscure
how curious the earth is....
I believe in moon

Noon and moon can chaos
complete fusion of thoughts
you can live here but be aware
of the gloomy dusky blare.
noon to moon
Raviha Hussain Jul 2018
Twin sisters never got up late
this time they face a bubble wake
They joined up to their brainstorm
and never stood back to transform.
a poem about twins sisters
Raviha Hussain Jul 2018
She put expectations to dreams
but none shows a light to beam
All she wandered was glitters
that kept her sitters.
A simple thinking poem.
Raviha Hussain Jul 2018
Broken piece of land
floating on one hand

With a tree of thoughts
expressing the world which is forgot

Birds can't sing
to their lovely voice of descant

The life will end this way
on a broken piece of land.
This is a poem about a broken piece of our land which means earth. A tree is only left with thoughts and birds which can't sing for long.
Raviha Hussain Jun 2018

Come soon see the moon
The stars are shining
They give us news a new day
Everybody happy and say

Come and see the moon
gives light, the world last
If we learn some good things,
if we know how learn means

We can do find the secret of the world
sky, earth, flowers, animals, and bird
Although are the things for us

So why we get late and lazy
let's go and find the galaxy
Please come soon and see the moon
My mother also love to write poems and this is one of her and I love it so much. Written in 22.3.1999
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