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spreading love and affection, one word at a time
Tom Spencer
Austin, TX    Gardener and citizen living in Austin.
15/F    Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself (for I am large, and contain multitudes) - Walt Whitman
Broken Angel Wings
14/F/California    I may not be good, but I see my own potential
Shruti Dadhich
M/England    If you have any questions, enquiries about collaboration, or just something interesting to say (positive or negative) feel free to message me.
15/F/Qatar    Simple but yet amazing as always and Tired of being in love with someone who doesn't appreciate himself of being loved by me and he ...
georgia sophie
16/F/Australia    pour yourself a cup of tea and dive into my thoughts
empty seas
15/F/away    Trying my best
17/F/Vilnius, Lithuania    A teenager looking for creativity and deeper meaning in daily routine.
yellow soul
22/F/Pakistan    upon the ashes of my life, i build my kingdom IG: @mishalnasiri
15/F/Wonderland    Read what I write, and behold my words paint my worlds before you. All poems are mine, unless otherwise stated. ©all rights reserved
Willow SR
19/Non-binary    Words are endless.
Arabella B
AAron Roz
15/F/Narnia    ...trip vibe...
Mono Chrome World
17/F/Stars    The stars are dust yet beautiful, you were dust and you were my star.
16/M/Singapore    Hey, nice to meet you! I am Joshua from Singapore, and I will be writing poetry and proses etc about God, my encounters, and my ...
27/F/Florida    Pouring your heart out to strangers hurts far less.
Sally A Bayan
F/Manila, Philippines    As I See Myself Right Now, Content........settled here thankful........I'm no longer there yet...glad........I'd been there... ^^^ I Am Filled With Gratitude... ^^^ Sally
White Hare Poetry
F/Australia    Seeker of inspiration and beauty in the everyday. Shares and reposts most welcome but please credit my work, thank you ❤
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