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Raviha Hussain Jun 2018

Come soon see the moon
The stars are shining
They give us news a new day
Everybody happy and say

Come and see the moon
gives light, the world last
If we learn some good things,
if we know how learn means

We can do find the secret of the world
sky, earth, flowers, animals, and bird
Although are the things for us

So why we get late and lazy
let's go and find the galaxy
Please come soon and see the moon
My mother also love to write poems and this is one of her and I love it so much. Written in 22.3.1999
Raviha Hussain Jun 2018
Woman with a pen
She is a woman with a pen
she is a woman with a child
She carry her basket
with two little lands

Her task is to sell
the pen to write
the pen to note
All she want a money to vend

She work for years and years
but none shows a delight
Never give up on dreams
she remembered and start her life

And one day she opened her own shop
The day of rain filled her job
She work long for success
because she is a woman with a pen
For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining, is to let it rain.
Raviha Hussain Jun 2018
Life of poets is existing from thoughts
They live in a world that seems no other

Poetry of love and sacrifice
through which we survive

Letting all the cultures
in the form of lustures

Lessons to read
legends to feel

Loneliness is there proud
from this we think out loud

The life of poets is precious
curious thoughts we speculate
A poem about life of poets
Raviha Hussain Jun 2018
I grown up with a wish
that seems with a fish

In a pond of lake,
where a beautifull flower split

Growing alone to its seeds
for flying and wishes to lean

Make a wish of it's own thought
this flower will make not

For it's own rethought
will make a wish of adore
a flower wish is something that clicks
Raviha Hussain May 2018
You were untold from the circumstances
You were untold from your life

You were untold as apparent
but none can easily decide

Conjecture crimes of untold
supposition to your own

You were untold as you told
to the toddlers of disown
When you are untold from your owns
Raviha Hussain May 2018
Sparkling days with full of memories
captured in eyes as sweet remedies

The best days are yet to come
the livelihood of personal income

But those days of love
will remain forever as a affection

They stretch in never ending conclusion
of which we prefer to culmination

There will be sign of goodbye
but no one say it until it's time
sweet days no one want to waste
Raviha Hussain May 2018
It was so dark
It was so sharp

Believing in sadness
crushing all lightness

Sometimes it thunder the ground
or shouts out loud

Wandering lonely as a cloud,
searching for a safe sound

What all is about ?
the sadness or dark shouts

The nightfall which captures
all way round to ground
A story about a life covered with darkness
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