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it will forever be our day.

we might drift,
we might not talk,
we might not be friends.

but it will forever be our special day.
i will think of you on that day,
and forever thank the stars that they led me to you.

i am forever thankful for you.
every part.

you are my forever.
spring morning,
still dark -
mockingbird song
eager for dawn

Tom Spencer © 2019
I just want to feel wanted,
I want to be happy.
I want to love someone
and to actually feel loved back.
I want to feel appreciated.
And I want someone to look at me,
seeing not my past,
but seeing my heart
and the love I have to give.

I just want someone to tell me
that one day
it will all be ok!
 Mar 2019 Raviha Hussain
You appear  faceless
in my every dream
following in the footsteps
I've left somberly in the snow

I envision the warmth of your smile
yet, as I turn my head to see
as I turn the page in my heart to love again
the words are left unwritten
wind sweeping away your fleeting smile
the spectral figure of you
following in the footsteps
I've left somberly in the snow

The spectral figure of you
softly fades to gray
leaving me to this labyrinth
in which I wander alone
seeking for eternity
the answers to "what went wrong?".
He didn't want me,
so he used my poor broken heart as an excuse.
 Mar 2019 Raviha Hussain
Paint me a picture
Of your skin
Does it bronze beneath the sun?
Or sizzle and blush
Like your cheeks
When you’re in love?
Is it soft to the touch
Like when your palms graze
The smooth surface of water?
Or rough around the edges
Like your favorite book
And its lovingly worn corners?
Does it melt in the heat
Like sweet syrupy treats
Dripping through your fingers?
Or does it welcome the winter
With wide open arms
As if greeting a lover?
Paint me a picture
Of your skin
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