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My part of the world
Knows not who you are
A talent beyond words
Rhyming life in your lyrics
Effortless you sing your songs

Tom Waits
Why I never heard you before
Now I love your songs
And want to listen to some more

Talk not about me like this
Lady you never heard me before
And now you speak of my songs
As if you been a fan of, all life
Don’t  flatter me now

In this world there is misery enough
As I drive down the ghost town
Fearless eyes and lies, I see
Scary for people to cope
So, in my songs I sing of hope

“Hey little bird, fly away home
Your house is on fire, your children alone
Hey little bird, fly away home
Your house is on fire, your children alone”
Thank you, Thomas W Case for introducing me to Tom Waits and sharing his lovely song 'Jockey full of Bourbon' and encouraging me to write something
So this is what I could think of while listening to Jockey full of Bourbon
The Last verse is from this song  :)
Carlo C Gomez Jun 2020
He Waits for his wife
Sitting in her lawbreaking bra at the bar

These days she goes by

Something odd is brewing in the kitchen
Even the dog is howling

One mouthful is tempting
But better not swallow

Otherwise, it's a certain trip
To Little Red's recovery room
In response to Thomas Case's "Tom Waits Poem Challenge"
Vin DeStefano Sep 2019
A contemporary peculiarity.
Youth tend not to care of me,
a virtue rather scarce to see.
Heart with love,
in love in lust
in love with lust
I'd escape, its just ..
.. If I could learn to trust.
Please help my heart,
For I'm torn apart.
I'd escape, its only ..
.. If people hadn't told me
What love had meant -
a concept bent -
time now -
Ask for God's forgiveness and stop making excuses. :)
Colm Jul 2019
Real life is neither the work nor the time spent waiting inbetween. The sacrifice or the freedom perceived. No, there is more to it now than there has ever been. Due to the congruent moments and the minutes passing. Because the real exists, not at the initial signs of belief. But at the time at which you realize that, you began long ago almost instantly.
It's already happening
Meggie Delaney Apr 2019
Sometimes there's something jarringly disparate About the fresh sea salt fog and the beauty queen moon of the Monterey wharf.

Sometimes you need the painfully cold sludge of a Cleveland street with no sidewalks and the crying skeletons of trees to match your black coffee soul.
Feedback is always appreciated! Thank you!
Phi Kenzie Oct 2018

not yet

Wait until you’re called!

why are you fidgeting?!

Be patient!


Raviha Hussain Jul 2018
Sometimes it's hard to
loose the one you love
For better and elegant
life to earn.
Circumstances do happens
Good and bad time together
Reward comes to those
who patiently preserve and control.
After prize and tight
we live happily and bright.
love and sacrifice to earn a beautiful life
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