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Philomena Jun 2020
Pick me up
And lets just drive
Anywhere and Everywhere
Philomena Jun 2020
Under your scars I pray
You're like a shooting star in the rain
You're everything that feels like home to me, yeah
Under your scars, I could live inside you time after time
If you'd only let me live inside of mine
Live inside of mine
Philomena Mar 2020
"are you listening?
Sleeping in the shadows, could be making history
Walk through the fire, walk on the water
Used to be a slave, but now you are a conqueror

They can take my heart, they can take my breath
When they pry it from my cold, dead chest

This is how we rise up
Heavy as a hurricane, louder than a freight train
This is how we rise up
Heart is beating faster, feels like thunder
Magic, static, call me a fanatic
It's our world, they can never have it
This is how we rise up
It's our resistance, you can't resist us"
Philomena Mar 2020
It's ******
But I always have been
No matter where I go
How hard I try
But a little part of me dies
Because I know you're in there
Just waiting to be free

I can smile
Laugh it off
Say its nothing
And never turn back
But the sound of your voice rings in my ears
Because I know you're in there
Just waiting to be free

I can sit in this tiny office
Say all the right words
Therapist after another
Try again and again
But I'm never confident you're dead
Because I know you're in there
Just waiting to be free

Sit in the shower with a pair of scissors
Bleed until I feel alive again
Slash myself apart
And let it all sink in
But nothing is ever enough
Because I know you're in there
Just waiting to be free
Philomena Mar 2020
"I tried it once before but I didn't get too far
I felt a lot of pain but it didn't stop my heart
And all I really wanted was someone to give a little ****
But I waited there forever and nobody even looked up
I tried it once before and I think I might have messed up
I struggled with the veins and I guess I didn't bleed enough
But maybe I'm alive because I didn't really wanna die
But nothing very special ever happens in my life

Take the blade away from me
I am a freak, I am afraid that
All the blood escaping me won't end the pain
And I'll be haunting all the lives that cared for me
I died to be the white ghost
Of the man that I was meant to be

I tried it like before and this time I made a deep cut
I thought about my friends and the way I didn't give enough
And I should have told my mother 'mom, I love you' like a good son
But this life is overwhelming and I'm ready for the next one"
Philomena Mar 2020
Time is passing
Day by day
And yet everything stay's the same

Looking out from beyond the glass
A wire fence
Not allowed to pass

Criticism in their voice
Needless nit-pick
A lack of choice

Sleepless nights and endless days
The same routine
Trying to find new ways

Unhappiness absorbed within these walls
Trapped in turmoil
Life begin

But hope from far away
A brand new hope
Waiting for someday

Waiting for sweet spring buds
Summer weather
Leaves red as blood

And you a memory for now
Until the sky turns
And fire springs into the bough
Philomena Feb 2020
The weak breeze whispers nothing
The water screams sublime
His feet shift, teeter-totter
Deep breath, stand back, it’s time

Toes untouch the overpass
Soon he’s water bound
Eyes locked shut but peek to see
The view from halfway down

A little wind, a summer sun
A river rich and regal
A flood of fond endorphins
Brings a calm that knows no equal

You’re flying now
You see things much more clear than from the ground
It’s all okay, it would be
Were you not now halfway down

Thrash to break from gravity
What now could slow the drop
All I’d give for toes to touch
The safety back at top

But this is it, the deed is done
Silence drowns the sound
Before I leaped I should’ve seen
The view from halfway down

I really should’ve thought about
The view from halfway down
I wish I could’ve known about
The view from halfway down
From Bojack Horseman
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