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Hunter Aug 8
I am strong on my own
I am weak, when it comes to you
The pain you share, to me isn’t fair
I am strong enough not to lose
I am not strong enough to win
An endless struggle of pain brews
Nobody close has any clues
Unavailable to close you out
No matter how hard I close in
Hunter Aug 6
I never grew up with a coin in my pocket
I wasn’t born with all my bones in socket
No, not even a full hearted boy
For that I didn’t see much joy
I would cry out in sadness and pray
And to this day, I don’t know what to say
Hunter Aug 5
A cool day outside
Where the dark clouds hide
Sitting against a tree sap
With a rabbit in your lap
The meadow is far
From you to a star
As the wind blows
An endless day it shows
Blank thoughts fill your head
The same thoughts you cannot shed
No amount of outer peace
Can make what’s inside finally cease
Hunter Aug 3
After the dreams
The light gleams
Just because it’s gone
Doesn’t make things wrong
Everything comes and goes
It’s how life flows  
life will never stop
It doesn’t matter if you’re on top
It only matters to you
And those that love you too

After the dream
Only you can dream
Who you were
Even if it was a blur
It’s life’s flow
And life will never stop
Hunter Aug 3
Look at me through this hole
Do you see me just my soul?
Promise me you will protect it
Promise me you will save every bit

Look at me through this hole
You see my thoughts and goal
Promise me you will stay right there
Promise me you will keep this fair

Look at me beyond the hole
To the nothingness void and dull
It’s dark and empty waiting to be alive, waiting for someone to run and dive
Hunter May 2
I will fall due to this law
This mystery called gravity  
Not something I had saw
I am a tale of depravity
Your gravity is so strong
Yet everything I do is wrong
Hunter Apr 20
My heart is aching
My hands are shaking
The feelings I’ve been fighting
Now the feelings that are flowing
I feel more like myself
I feel like I’m going mad
All I feel for you is sad
I miss you, and it hurts so much
I would do anything to give you a touch
Ever since you left it feels like a dream
Having you back was unthinkable though
You mess me up, but I love it
You left me, but still I love you
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