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Hunter 6d
Why do you frown?
Why not be like a clown?
Turn that frown upside down
There is so much to know
Just go with the flow
There is so much to do
Just smile all the way through
And you'll be happy too
Hunter 7d
Sitting on the water
The days getting hotter
My sanity getting further
I didn't mean to hurt her
I'll never leave this place
Here justice I'll face
Staying close on my sail
Only fish tell the tale
Hunter 7d
I wish I could put down my phone
I wish I could walk away alone
To put my life on pause
To escape all these laws
What I should or shouldn't be
When I just wanna be me
Hunter Jan 14
I think what has lead
To me seeing red
All the heartbreaks
And all the mistakes
Screaming so serious
You can tell I’m furious
There more to it than rage
I’m stuck trapped in this cage
All this pain hidden due to anger
Everytime someone names her
I lose myself a little bit more
Leaving my soul just a little bit sore
Hunter Jan 14
Once again missed the ledge
I fell and looked down
No one there to catch
The ticking time watch
Counting down till ground
For a moment everything is still
It’s not beating burning rage till
I land on contact and lose my ****
Then the me is pushed out
To the monster waiting for his fire fit
Only to return to me to water pout
Hunter Jan 12
I’m open
Not joken

You could say I’m lost
But it’s not me who was tossed
1000 miles of land
Leaving a broken man
It’s you I can’t stop writing about
Hunter Jan 12
Please read
My plead
I’m eating
Yet starving
Not here
But near
I’m dying
Not lying
I’m crying
Not flying
Help me
From me
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