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Genduk May 2020
Another Tinder match
supposed we hike to bromo mountain
If not to suffer me

neighbor country guy
Where jaded is the least people be
lives in a bunkbed dorm room
For months and months
Certified to put judgement
on strangers

He studies everyone
But locals
Talks in languages
but local's

He's interested in story of stragers
But not my story
Too local maybe

One lunch in a local's
I lend him lunch money
He never thinks he owes me
A thing

He sits there on the corner
Reading people's story
Those whose land made
By foreign spices, coal, and sweats
Like me
Genduk May 2020
Eat at home
Drink at home
Work from home
Love at home
Read at home
Nourish our home
Alone at home
Together at home
Make peace at home
Grow beans at home
Educate from home
Sit and cry
Grow patience
from home at home
Genduk Apr 2020
three classes to teach
5 hours a week
I forgot the due date again
is it this week or last week
if this one time I can pretend
a student with blushing cheeks
giggled so blatantly as if
the slides I made was some of childhood worth of joke
look! I won't give you a rotten apple I had
from my graduation day
I stucked my teeth there
I can feel the pain still
long from the first day my braces just got tighten
in high school, I put coins in my uniform
the grey skirt that got me wondered
how their pocket got stitched and mine didn't
my grey skirt was the one with a pocket each side
like an elephant floppy ears sticked out
I wonder and I lay down on my single bed
Genduk Apr 2020
to know the frangipani will again rose

not one, not two, not three, but more

to accept that the betel plant in my small ***

no longer battle its grow

the mint plant though

to have hope that it lasts long

we can’t leave this house yet

the street tree outside your study room

the warmth at noon still

let’s have laugh till  the rain fall

let’s have a cry on the third mercury retrograde

let them all be and do

and we two will be and do too
Genduk Apr 2020
i stop things from being said

the weather is rather warm

it’s been said enough

like that ed sheeran song

i don’t want to be so repetitive

i’m in love with your body

how it gets so revolutionary
Genduk Apr 2020
Pick a color out of me
The light blue chair in the living room
The sky blue in the sky on moday noon
The spinning chair with a grey stain of a mine company receptionist
The business district full of green glassy glass windows
The weary mind missing a mother in red lipsick
Roses as white as medical students jacket
Scars of an old man selling brooms
Dragged on dried fresh black asphalt
Brightest streetlight still watching the night will
Of merry little heart
A city that fill our little lamb
Genduk Apr 2020
Keep feeding me doubt
then I’ll start doubting
Then the deed becomes debt
then debt becomes debts
and debt of doubts be dead
and end in never ending door of doubt

— The End —