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Gabriella Dec 2018
Please no more fighting
We're friends with cruel intentions
But friends always first

We love each other
Eventually we leave
Knowing another

Men must prove worthy
To defeat evils within
Training means nothing

Do not leave yourself
Accept the body and mind
As one entity
Unrelated haikus, but they are great together.
Gabriella Aug 2018
My kisses travel faster than light
My hugs have seen some incredible sights
Detached as they are from me,
They still have plenty to see
As my affections and words pile up high
There is no way they could be a lie.
You receive these and hold them dear to your heart,
And it feels as if we were never apart.
Gabriella Jun 2018
I'm always excited to see a cake
When I walk into a room.
But the thing about this pastry
Is that I don't think it's very good.
I grab the plate with this sugary delight
And begin to dig in until
I realize
Once again
That cake is almost always not what I wanted;
There's too much frosting,
The flavor is nonexistent,
Too crumbly and dry.
I've began to realize that
It's not the cake I'm excited for,
It's whatever is going on that I am happy about.
If there is cake, then that means there's an event.
And I'm happy about the event.
The cake is a mere distraction.
Gabriella May 2018
I don't think I'll ever understand death.
I've known many that have died that I was
Not close to. Memories of them are dead.
They're lives and death had not resonated
With me. And since my reactions have not
Changed since my first experience with it,
I do not expect it to change when death
reaches out to take someone I love or
someone close I've known for a long while

My reaction will always be the same.
I won't hear of the death till a day passed
and when I hear it, I won't be surprised
Of course they died now, they were old, lonely
had cancer, were not themselves anymore.
And everyone will agree with me too.
But their feelings will be more intense and
more heartfelt than mine could possibly be
And I will act as if it hit me hard.
Gabriella Apr 2018
Some days I barely recognize you are not near
Other days your absence is every fear

This permanent distance between us
Is not felt.
Only on nights where I am about to welt
Do I ever think of you
And me, lying near each other as eternal beings.

This permanent distance spans further as time goes on
It is not bad to be far
It can make the heart grow fonder.
Gabriella Feb 2018
when it is snowing
everything in the world
seems muffled
it's almost as if
the whole world stopped
talking to hear what
the sky has to say.
and what it says
is so beautiful
it's left the world
Gabriella Jan 2018
You are so lovely
Who else would bring me this joy?
You are my only

I love you of course.
But thoughts of him whirl around
And what could've been.

I wish for options
To look from another place
But I cannot look
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