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Felix Garcia Jun 2015
Here I will wait for the Lord by the shores of Babylon,
where the waves brush my feet
and the winds touch my face.
No longer will I be saddened by my departure,
for You are here with me.
From my sufferings I will feel joy,
And only psalms of praise shall
take flight from these lips.
Felix Garcia Jun 2015
Why does the one you love
become the one who
makes you want to cry?
A line thats been in my head for a few days now. Can't say where I got it from.
Felix Garcia Apr 2015
In my dreams, you are mine.
But in my life, you are just a dream.
A something, someone told me.
Felix Garcia Apr 2015
My heart is a storm,
with clouds raging deep within.
Rain pouring, waves crashing, lightning ablaze;
drowning every wisp of peace that can be seen.
The pain was so deep, so agonizing, so intense,
my heart was mangled beyond recognition.
No longer was I in control of this madness.
I am helpless.
Despair is the only feeling keeping me company.
My mind was numb by the pain that seared through it,
unable to make sense of my surroundings.
Tears fell only to be blown away by the winds.
I am lost in this sea of pain.

But along with the gushing wind that tore through this heart of mine,
My North Star came.
When the storms screamed dismay, you roared hope.
Tearing through the night, riding the storm,
light pierced through the clouds,
and through the clouds I saw stars shining brightly in the night sky.
You we're there staring down the fight.
The seas calmed and the winds ceased upon your arrival.
You replaced the night with a peace long forgotten.
My Star shone brightest, burning away my fears
and in Your light You gave me grace.

"Be still my son and be afraid no more"  he whispered.
I wrote this '*** I was inspired by Mark 4, where Jesus calmed the storm. We may be facing storms in our lives and we can do nothing about it. We can't face it alone, so we must find strength in Him, '*** in Him, all things are possible.
Felix Garcia Apr 2015
Have you ever loved someone,
who was just oblivious of your existence?
Like a comet passing the eye of a sun,
neither aware nor touched by its gaze.

She was just there,
and I was just here.
She was never meant for me,
else that comet collides into this sun.
Felix Garcia Apr 2015
Why is it when you always say goodnight,
it feels like you are saying goodbye?
Felix Garcia Apr 2015
You we're once a dream,
I wish I hadn't slept through.

Inside it I only fell deeper,
than my heart would have cared to.

But she sang out of this adventure,
now I wish you are here with me too.

I still miss you.
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