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  Jan 2018 Cobalt
Tears and water are similar
but have dissimilar
Food for thought...
  Jan 2018 Cobalt
Imagine a world,
Where love is pollution.
If there's a problem,
Hate’s the solution.

Imagine a world,
Where dreams are faded,
Passion is destroyed,
Souls are raided.

Imagine a world,
Where souls never meet,
Attraction means nothing,
Only their needs.

Imagine a world,
Where hope is the loser,
Pride is the victor,
Later is sooner.

Imagine a world,
Where creativity is nothing,
Useless unless it,
Turns people to money.

Imagine a world,
Where eyes never meet,
Love is forever lost,
Souls never bring.

Imagine a world,
Where no is forever,
Affections change,
As much as the weather.

Imagine a world,
Where money’s everything,
Nobody's sharing,
Everyone's keeping.

Imagine a world,
Where nature's extinct,
Nobody's heard of,
A bird's feathered wings.
Hoping this will never become real...
  Jan 2018 Cobalt
Katelyn Billat
A free ocean mind
With piercing siren eyes
Beach golden locks
A sunset soul
Cobalt Jan 2018
You remind me of Chai tea.

You're warm, and sweet, and you make me want to curl up with you on a rainy day, tangled in bedsheets and watching the rain pitter patter on the window, in my pajamas and my hair piled up atop my head, listening to soft music that speak of lazy love and croon of kisses.

You make me think of tan sweaters and unrecognizable spices, alluding to all the mystery I don't know and want to know, devouring you like I would a good book on a crisp autumn day. You make me want to take a road trip to a forest where the fog comes meandering in, and I sit in the backseat, talking about life-to me, to you, or my non-metaphorical, quite literal, tea.

You make me want to slow down, and sit in a coffee shop and work on a book, or admire the chipped mug that you came in.

You remind me of Chai tea, and all that we could be.
  Jan 2018 Cobalt
Colleen R
In ten years they’ll ask me how I’d ever come to love you

I’ll tell them that I can’t remember your name or whether your laughter was like thunder or rain -

but I’ll remember your eyes

Even now, centuries of stardust gazes back across the abyss to ask forgiveness once more.

It has been years since I have found unwanted galaxies painted on my skin.

Years since the supernova consumed all that was within its path when it died

You called me a black hole at the center of your universe and you the stars trapped in my gravity

In ten years I’ll say I was the comet that escaped your orbit

In ten years, I’ll say that Eons ago, two stars collided in an explosion of energy and matter 

The echoes of their passing still resonate in their surviving atoms
Cobalt Jan 2018
That smile
Is supernatural.


With a single look
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