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Sep 2 · 225
The world is full of surprises
One must take precaution.
But as the day rises
A new chance is set in motion.
Sep 2 · 57
She’s not the best
Not fully at rest.
Drowning in seas bluer,
Shades owned by her.

Wishing someone would find,
Pieces of her heart been grind.
To her, love is a mystery
And so was she.

Yet, she still yearns for it.
Thinking that love would fit
Perfectly in her bones,
Washing away her groans.

She never felt loved once,
Away from it she always runs.
To her, love is an unknown
Leaving her with a cry- a moan.

But who could ever love such
A girl deprived of touch?
But who could make her feel
The kind of love she desired-
So real?
Sep 2 · 264
I just died last night
Now I’m a living corpse.
Too dark to find the light,
Fearing myself become worse.

Was half asleep,
Heard them talking last night.
And I began to weep
‘Cause I knew they’re right.
Sep 2 · 48
Dear No One,
So many things I wish to say,
So many things I wish to undo.
Wish that there’s some way
I could make it through.

Please help me
I’m drowning in an endless sea.
Can’t unwind-
No peace of mind.

Can’t sleep, can’t rest.
Don’t know how to find my best.
Should I just let go?
Leave myself and everything behind.

Who should I hold on to?
I’m lost and no one will find.
Sep 2 · 62
Midnight Pain
If I wish upon this shooting star
Would it heal my scars?

Too much pain for me to bear
Living life a constant despair.

No one else could comprehend
The happiness I always pretend.

Nowhere to go, nowhere to run
All my feeling come undone.
Sep 2 · 50
My Favorite Mistake
You remind me of my
Favorite song,
All the words you say
And how you sing along.

The things you do
And how you move,
The sight I could
Never remove.

You're the sea to
My shore.
This feeling in my heart
I will always store.

Though I could never find
The keys to your door,
And take away your
Feelings of bore.

To make you happy
My best I will do,
Will be by your side
Through and through.

Though you could never
Love me back,
Leaving- in my heart
Deep cracks.

You are still and
Always will,
The mistake I'd love
To fulfill.
Jun 20 · 674
Pitter patter
Rain drops splatter
On the ground-
Where life goes round.

Cool wind blows
As waters row.
Leaves swiftly pass
As the day pace fast.
Jun 20 · 260
Like a veil- Cool air covers my nape.
My heart going haywire,
Didn't think someone would make.

Looking at you now,
Such a magnificent sight
It's you I want to know.

Such soft and neat black
Hair. Your eyes I can't seem to
Turn my attention back.

Every move you make is
Filled with such desirable

Why don't our eyes meet?
Even just for a second,
Or split?

Why don't our hands
Graze? Even just for a
Slight chance?

If I could get your
Attention, my cheeks would
Bloom like a flower.

You fit my ideal and I
Can't seem to remove
My eye.
this is for the guy who sat beside me while waiting for my turn to be vaccinated. He was the like the human person of my ideals, his appearance to be exact and even the way he moved.
Apr 14 · 76
Part 4
Tonight's different somehow,
The desire intensifies.
Tell me how to calm down
As my mind endlessly

I imagine warmth on my skin,
Our bodies pressed close.
Your fingers draw circles on
My skin in a manner
so loose.

Clasp my hands with yours,
Shelter mine from cold.
Let's just stay this way
Until we're both gray
and old.
Love soulmate desire
Apr 14 · 59
Part 3
Hold my chin and bring
My lips to yours,
Tell me what you feel as
You devour.

You make my whole being,
Kiss me senseless-
Like you miss our intimacy
So reckless.

Make love to me in every
Way possible.
Touch me until I'm no
Longer able.
Love soulmate desire
Apr 14 · 60
Part 2
A warm hold held firm-
A feeling that could burn.
"Please talk to me." You said,
I looked away as tears began
To shed.

"What's wrong?" You asked,
I can't hold back-
My desires unmasked.
Do you want to know- about
the feelings that i can't show?

"If I tell you would you stay?" I limply
Stepped away.
You nodded and touched my
Shoulders before I could sway.
"Tell me." You implied.
Soulmate love loneliness desire unrequited love confession
Apr 14 · 508
Part 1
Suffocated and overwhelmed-
This is what i'd always felt,
You are needed to mend
The broken pieces and
Suffering I needed dealt .

Who are you really? I ask,
This feeling always seeping
From my past.
Loneliness and hunger-
To me is a real danger.

What is this feeling? I inquired,
Like keys to a lock that's always
Been buried-
Confused and longing etched
Deep in my bones.
Apr 14 · 151
I didn't know why-
My heart began to pound fast
As I rolled his name on
My tongue.

I didn't know why-
My palms began to sweat
As I lost oxygen on
My lung.

As I flipped through the
Pages, my heart swelled.
Broke several times, the
Product of emotion.

This effect he has on me,
I never knew existed. His
Name- a very large expanse
of sea- Ocean.
Dec 2021 · 1.3k
Cede Aloevera111 Dec 2021
What in the world would you do
If I told you I love you?
There's many things I wish to say,
Hope there's more than one way

No one else could see me through
Like however did you
If I were to say i love you,
Would you say i love you too?

No one else knows the answer
Only you, and that I can bear
You might reply in a way however,
All I can do is wait forever
Dec 2021 · 403
You see
Cede Aloevera111 Dec 2021
I know what you're thinking,
To me it keeps ringing

When you look at her you see
Someone who's much better than me

When you look at me you see
Someone who'd never be as pretty
Oct 2021 · 695
Cede Aloevera111 Oct 2021
What do I do-
When I think about you?
A stranger,
I can't seem to remember.
Warmth brought dreamily,
Your existence- a
Mar 2021 · 220
Cede Aloevera111 Mar 2021
This anger controlling my feelings,
Within her arms, you I sight
Over me, rage was reigning
But I knew I can't fight.
Mar 2021 · 656
time travel
Cede Aloevera111 Mar 2021
If only I could travel through time
and try to change my mistakes overtime
hardships, I see throughout my lifetime
time- the word I could never define
Mar 2021 · 613
Cede Aloevera111 Mar 2021
It's not a bad thing to make mistakes
But overdoing it can make aches.

Sin came from our desires
It is a force that tempts us to lit our fire.
Sin causes lives into distruction
And make people cry in unsatisfaction.

Naive people,sinning to earn self happiness.
Selfishness is the start of fights.
War, and more sin which is made by human kind.

— The End —