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Lu Aug 2019
To miss their presence;
Through soft glance of their big, cold eyes,
Cold words, leading to warm touches,
Serious talks, leading to funny laughs,
Your heart pounding like crazy in their arms,
And you telling yourself to let go.
Lu Aug 2019
Who are in love with each other,
And pretend and lie to not care,
Won't remain friends forever,
Because, the more you get to touch them,
The harder it gets to resist them,
And you can't not just touch them.
Lu Aug 2019
When something bad happens-
Something so horrible,
That it hurts so much-
No matter what you're doing;
You don't care, what it takes,
To distract yourself from it all,
Do you?
Lu Aug 2019
It's never good enough.
You can try your best,
Give them anything-
Everything you've got,
Completely destroy yourself for them,
And still be left looking stupid.
Lu Aug 2019
In the beginning,
A slight flame,
so pretty.

There is no cold,
Just a lack of heat.

You still were the warmest place they knew;

To even force a fire out of you.

To burn you down to ashes,
Left with not even a spark,

There still is no warmer place than you.

Even when it's left with no fire,
Not even warmth,
But cold.
Lu Aug 2019
It's one moment away from the reality,
Everything you desire and dream of,
To pursue it, it takes guts,
To realize it, it takes time,
To think about it, it takes your fantasy.
How far are you willing to go,
To live it at least once?
To live it in the moment, almost sounds unrealistic,
But to have your heart skip a beat for it,
Takes only a feeling,
To daydream-
One moment away from
the reality.
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